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26 Jun 24
Spectroscopic breakthrough measures soil-plastic contamination

Japan-based group quantifies nano/micro particles – without requiring soil separation.

25 Jun 24
LIONESS imaging reveals details of brain's complexity

ISTA nanoscopy protocol includes modified STED super-resolution technique.

25 Jun 24
Missouri develops 3D printing method for multi-materials manufacturing

Freeform Multi-material Assembly Process combines 3D printing with laser process, enabling multi-functional devices.

24 Jun 24
MIT uses shadows to model 3D scenes, including occluded objects

Partnership with Meta creates new vision technique could enable smart cars to “see through traffic”.

18 Jun 24
HHMI speeds up blur removal for clearer microscopy images

Phase diversity method has advantages over established adaptive optics for biological samples.

13 Jun 24
MINFLUX enhances super-resolution microscopy

EMBL project simplifies protocol for imaging of cells and tracking fluorophores.

13 Jun 24
EPFL’s chip-scale erbium laser offers broad wavelength tunability

Output exceeds 10 mW – outperforming many conventional systems, say its developers.

12 Jun 24
Lawrence Berkeley Lab using femtosecond laser to create/destroy qubits on demand

Researchers say novel technique is key to future types of quantum computer.

11 Jun 24
MIT camera chip improves views of neural behavior

Individually programmable pixels maximize signal strength when studying rapid brain activity.

06 Jun 24
Korea’s POSTECH develops stretchable color-tunable photonic devices

Liquid crystal elastomers promise apps in displays, sensing, smart devices, and wearables.

05 Jun 24
Lithography-free method yields durable antireflective glass

AR performance achieved by nano-structured surface using thermally dewetted silver.

05 Jun 24
Fraunhofer ISE produces TOPCon solar cell with 24% efficiency

...and JinkoSolar’s tandem perovskite-silicon solar cell achieves 33.2%.

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