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Contents: November 2004 edition

03 Nov 2004

Miniature atomic clock makes its debut

A laser-driven atomic clock the size of grain of rice may soon be improving the precision of GPS receivers and replacing the quartz crystal oscillator found in computers and watches. Oliver Graydon reports.

Q-switch expert eyes up European market

Jacqueline Hewitt visited the headquarters of the Gooch & Housego group to find out about its history, its range of acousto-optic products and its plans for the future.

Nanopositioning: fighting the myths

The need to align optical equipment and samples to within a nanometre is now crucial in many industries. Stefan Vorndran describes the technology that makes it possible.

Tiny polymer tips boost fibre coupling efficiency

French scientists have developed a low-cost method for growing an efficient microlens at the end of optical fibre. James Tyrrell reports on the road to commercialization. News This Month
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