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CLEO News: Products

19 May 2004

A selection of products making their debut at this year’s exhibition.

•  B&W Tek has released a compact diode-pumped fiber laser system called the BWC-FL-1080. Providing up to 50 W of continuous-wave power at 1080 nm, the complete system contains the pump laser diodes, the fiber laser cavity, thermoelectric coolers, control electronics and a power supply.

•  Coherent has added a 50 mW device to its Compass family of laser diodes. Based on a high-power gallium nitride diode, the Compass 405-50 emits at 405 nm and comes in a 111 x 50 x 34 mm package. The firm says this new laser also offers direct modulation rates of up to 150 MHz. Target applications include bio-instrumentation, graphic arts and data storage.

•  Lambda Physik says its newly launched COMPex 100 and 200 UV excimer lasers offer tens of millions of pulses of hands-free operation at a constant pulse energy. The COMPex lasers are said to deliver stable, homogeneous output with pulse repetition rates up to 100 Hz and pulse energies up to 600 mJ for scientific, medical and industrial applications.

•  New Wave Research has introduced LaserMill, a benchtop Nd:YAG micro-milling system. According to the US-based firm, the instrument can produce cut sizes of approximately 1 micron. It adds that users can adjust the energy density at the sample up to 25 J/cm2 and switch between 532 nm and 355 nm wavelengths.

•  Nufern announced a polarization-maintaining erbium-ytterbium co-doped, double-clad fiber for high-power fiber lasers and optical amplifiers. With a clad/core ratio of 18/250, the PM-EYDF-18/250 fiber is said to deliver much higher pulse energies and peak powers than conventional Er/Yb fibers with single mode cores.

•  Ocean Optics has released a laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy system called the LIBS2000+. Based on a pulsed Nd:YAG laser, the unit allegedly provides spectral analysis from 200 to 980 nm with a resolution of approximately 0.1 nm.

•  Headwall Photonics unveiled its low polarization dependent loss (LPDL) 1100 series of holographic gratings. According to Headwall, the LPDL 1100 series provides a high-efficiency, low PDL passive component that separates light into discrete channels with higher dispersion than was previously available to the industry. The LPDL gratings can be optimized for either the C or L bands based on individual customer requirements.

Jacqueline Hewett is technology editor on Optics.org and Opto & Laser Europe magazine.

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