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20 Oct 21
New silicon Si22 allotrope promises ‘excellent’ PV performance...

...while NREL-Mines innovation using electron paramagnetic resonance cuts degradation of silicon solar panels.

19 Oct 21
Pitted metalens gives light holey orders

Harvard SEAS metasurface has deep narrow holes rather than raised pillars.

14 Oct 21
Fresnel Institute microscopy platform reduces light dosage

Adaptive scanning scheme and algorithm control maintains resolution with improved photon budget.

13 Oct 21
US group develops optical quantum network in ‘real-world’ setting

ORNL, Stanford, Purdue demonstrate a QLAN with entangled photons over “Alice-Bob-Charlie” optical fiber network.

12 Oct 21
Subsurface fluorescence lidar pinpoints location and size of tumors

EPFL and Dartmouth College create detector array to spot fluorescent molecules in scattering media.

11 Oct 21
University of Oklahoma reveals potential of limit-busting solar cells...

...while Ambient Photonics and Universal Electronics partner to develop sustainable solar power for gadgets.

07 Oct 21
Adapting laser bed powder fusion creates ‘defect-free’ metal parts

Researchers at Texas A&M tweak alloy microchemistry to achieve flawless metal 3D printing with LBPF.

06 Oct 21
JILA breath analysis offers real-time disease diagnosis

Enhanced frequency comb and device design allow detection of multiple biomarkers.

06 Oct 21
EMBL’s two-phase microscopy technique enables deep in vivo brain imaging

Method, combining 3-photon microscopy and adaptive optics, allows neuroscientists to see deeper and observe live neuron activity.

05 Oct 21
Metasurfaces move microscopic metavehicles

Chalmers University uses phase manipulation to create physical forces and produce motion.

04 Oct 21
VCSELs made to act together as one in ‘topological laser’ array

Israeli and German breakthrough paves way towards medical and communications devices, and many “real-world applications”.

29 Sep 21
Photonex 2021: Glasgow University launches Centre for Quantum Technology

$1 million joint funding from SPIE and university to establish Glasgow as internationally recognised center of excellence for quantum.

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