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29 Sep 20
ETHZ-led group shows that nervous system directly influences immune system

Optogenetics researchers in Switzerland and US have optically stimulated nerve fibers in living mice.

29 Sep 20
Combined photoacoustic and fluorescence imaging reveals blood dynamics

CNRS project incorporates wavefront shaping and could allow new images of brain function.

28 Sep 20
Fraunhofer ISE group hits 14.9% organic solar cell conversion

Partnership with Materials Research Center at U Freiburg achieves “record efficiency” for area >1cm².

23 Sep 20
Ultrafast optical imaging hits 15 trillion frames per second

Shenzhen University parametric technique sets record for high-spatial-resolution imaging.

22 Sep 20
Optical Wi-Fi enables ultrafast underwater communication

EPFL spin-off Hydromea develops mini-optical modem that works at 6,000m under the sea.

21 Sep 20
Multicolor 3D-printing promises novel optical devices

Yokohama National University platform controls polymerization and suppresses air bubbles.

18 Sep 20
Fraunhofer CAP leads £10m drive to progress optical-quantum technology

QT Assemble project to focus on device improvements with waveguide writing and monolithic integration.

16 Sep 20
Laser pulse turns optical fiber nanotip into versatile electron gun

Oak Ridge project offers easier generation of electrons for nanoscale imaging and sensing.

15 Sep 20
Second Singapore collaboration couples silicon photonics with lasers

Denselight and Advanced Micro Foundry developing highly integrated approach for both data center and sensing applications.

15 Sep 20
Imaging of hidden objects offers route to improved robotic vision

Stanford project based on confocal diffuse tomography could also assist autonomous driving.

15 Sep 20
LZH developing optical process to better disinfect raw chicken

Beating bacteria in food production by a combination of UV laser treatment and bacteriophages is the aim of ODLAB project.

15 Sep 20
Bristol develops near-optimal chip-based photon source for quantum computing

Device paves the way to mass-manufacturable single-photon sources for large-scale quantum computing.

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