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29 Apr 20
SPIE DCS Digital Forum: Los Alamos team aims organic imager at Venus

'OrganiCam' builds on Mars 2020 SuperCam instrument to combine fluorescence lifetime imaging with Raman spectroscopy.

29 Apr 20
Self-aligning microscope measures cell separations with nanometer accuracy

University of New South Wales platform quantifies spatial arrangements of molecules in intact cells.

22 Apr 20
European group developing solar panels with 'better environmental profiles'

HighLite project, led by imec, a partner in EnergyVille, aiming to boost competitiveness of EU's PV manufacturing capbilities.

21 Apr 20
EPFL and Canon develop 1 Mpixel SPAD camera

Single-photon avalanche diode breakthrough could lead to higher-resolution 3D images.

16 Apr 20
Six-junction solar cell breaks two world records for efficiency

NREL developed cell has highest solar conversion efficiency of 47.1%; and one-sun illumination at 39.2%.

16 Apr 20
Photonics Europe Digital Forum: polymer devices could drive future communications

Attendee-favored plenary is Lightwave Logic CEO Michael Lebby describing how polymer optical devices could power Internet.

15 Apr 20
Understanding perovskite defects could boost solar cell efficiency

Breakthrough offers ways to improve perovskite performance in photovoltaics and flexible LEDs.

15 Apr 20
Light-emitting hexagonal SiGe promises integrated photonics breakthrough

European research collaboration demonstrates direct bandgap in novel nanowires; SiGe microlaser could be developed this year.

13 Apr 20
Researchers develop perovskite-based combined optical transceiver

Team at Linköping University with partners in China say development is significant for miniaturization of OE components.

08 Apr 20
Photonics Europe Digital Forum: silicon photonics to make waves beyond telecoms

Virtual conference hears that new applications and markets will likely eclipse current use of the technology in communications.

08 Apr 20
Photonics Europe Digital Forum: Freiburg team pushes perovskite with textured layer

Fraunhofer ISE researchers pass 25% efficiency with tandem cell, with plans in place to further improve performance.

08 Apr 20
CONVAT project aims for point-of-care Covid-19 diagnosis

European research group will develop optical biosensor technology.

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