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27 Jan 21
Simpler laser cooling offers route to chip-scale cold atom devices

NIST project employs metasurface beam shaping and planar optics.

27 Jan 21
Amplitude Laser to supply 60 TW laser to German ATHENA sites

French developer to install 60TW Pulsars first at DESY, Hamburg, then at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

26 Jan 21
Bloodline project to develop diode lasers for 3D metal printing

Led by University of Glasgow spinout Vector Photonics; based around proprietary PCSEL sources.

26 Jan 21
‘Hair-thin’ optical fibers promise performance innovations

University of Bonn team makes fine fibres simply; predicts applications in quantum, sensors, and gas detection.

25 Jan 21
Fraunhofer ILT and Cronimet Ferroleg develop laser scrap metal sorter

German Government-funded “PLUS” project yields sensor that boosts efficiency of metal recycling.

20 Jan 21
Orbital Systems project aims to boost optical space comms

French partners Cailabs, Onera, and CNES to develop, evaluate atmospheric turbulence compensation module.

19 Jan 21
UK partners developing optical magnetometers to test electric vehicle batteries

CPI and Kelvin Nanotech in £5.4M project for quantum sensors to detect magnetic field given off by healthy lithium cells.

18 Jan 21
Danish group launches €3 million quantum communication project

CryptQ consortium to develop fiber laser-based secure optical networking system over the next three years.

15 Jan 21
Researchers refine laser method to 3-D print delicate glass parts

Fresnel Institute process avoids layering limitations by using laser to polymerize precursor into solid glass.

11 Jan 21
Researchers suppress optical back reflections, promising improved signals

“Noise-cancelling” principle adapted by team from Max Planck Institute, Imperial College London, and UK's NPL.

06 Jan 21
Novel source to beat blue ‘bottleneck’ in OLED displays

Researchers in Japan achieve breakthrough with new combination of emitter molecules.

06 Jan 21
ADRIFT technique boosts sensitivity of live cell imaging

University of Tokyo project improves dynamic range of existing phase shift method.

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