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22 Mar 21
imec develops optomechanical ultrasound sensor in silicon photonics

Detection limit two orders of magnitude better than equivalent-size piezoelectric; aimed at medical photoacoustic imaging.

17 Mar 21
ASML hooks up with Heriot-Watt on laser commercialization

Five-year research and development partnership focused on new broadband sources for metrology applications.

11 Mar 21
Photonics West 2021: high power ultrafast lasers – quo vadis?

Talk considers challenges in power scaling ultrafast sources; state of the art in thin disk multipass lasers, and their future.

03 Mar 21
Cascade laser backed for real-time nitrogen sensing in wastewater

$750k funding to develop infrared sensor for pollutants including nitrates and ammonia; similar detectors for E. coli may follow.

02 Mar 21
Low-cost methane sensor offers accurate monitoring of greenhouse gas

Princeton platform detects methane concentrations as low as 0.1 parts per million.

24 Feb 21
Terahertz spectroscopy maps meter-scale graphene samples contactlessly

Europe’s Graphene Flagship develops new method to analyze graphene that could boost production and optimize devices.

24 Feb 21
Jenoptik and 4JET jointly launch new tire laser prototyping method

Light & Production Division working with Alsdorf-based laser applications company to commercialize technique.

24 Feb 21
Phase-changing metalens focuses without moving

MIT project develops active lens for optical devices, drones and cameras.

23 Feb 21
Physicists use resonance to harness photonic energy in microresonators

Researchers at University of Bath maximize ability of a resonator to store energy by optimizing sharpness of resonance (finesse).

23 Feb 21
Light-sheet microscopy reveals details of obesity in human tissues

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign project could lead to new therapies or treatments.

17 Feb 21
ORC and Pointcloud develop chip lidar to improve machine vision…

…while Teledyne Imaging launches LACera, CMOS-based imaging technology for discovery applications.

15 Feb 21
Back-reflection in novel hollow-core fiber is 10,000x lower than regular fiber

Partners ORC and Laval measure high-performance Nested Antiresonant Nodeless Fibers developed by LightPipe program.

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