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28 Jul 20
Curved-field OCT offers larger-scale imaging of the cornea

Langevin Institute platform enables more precise cell and nerve counts to tackle disease.

22 Jul 20
Infrared imaging from silicon-based cameras offers versatile microscopy

University of California, Irvine generates mid-IR images using standard silicon CCDs.

21 Jul 20
Dublin researchers develop single photon emitter from quantum dots

Scientists from CRANN and Trinity College School of Physics say this offers a better route to quantum computing.

15 Jul 20
Ex-SMLM microscopy images proteins with molecular resolution

University of Würzburg combines two super-resolution techniques to preserve structural details.

14 Jul 20
US Army Research Lab laser-treats aluminum to purify dirty water

Burst of femtosecond laser pulses etch metal panel to create pitch black surface making it highly absorptive.

14 Jul 20
Scaling up photonic circuits offers route to quantum processors

MIT integrates artificial atoms with photonic circuits in largest quantum chip of its type.

13 Jul 20
Fraunhofer ILT and partners develop laser joining method for plastic parts

Process for connecting transparent plastic developed in the newly-completed SeQuLas project.

09 Jul 20
Oak Ridge Lab develops microscope with a chemical lens

Noninvasive instrument allows researchers to capture bio-images with ultrashort laser pulses.

08 Jul 20
Team at INRS demonstrates pulse compression method to boost laser intensity…

…while Leibniz Institute, Berlin, achieves ‘highest peak power’ for ultrashort 2µm pulses.

08 Jul 20
Nanostructures based on butterfly wings boost solar cell performance

University of Oulu predicts enhanced light harvesting efficiency of Si-based photovoltaics.

07 Jul 20
ORC spinout Covesion launches R&D projects for PPLN crystals

Periodically-poled lithium niobate crystal developer gains funding from Innovate UK for two 18-month programs.

01 Jul 20
LZH's Moonrise project simulates 3D-printing on the moon

Research project in which moondust is laser-melted under lunar conditions suggests moon-based manufacturing is feasible.

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