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06 Jan 22
Freiburg scientists enhance concept for feedback-controlled optical tweezers

Showing potential for controlled grabbing and rotation of biological objects, such as tumors.

05 Jan 22
Integrated photonics chip enhances electron microscopy

EPFL platform could also assist research into quantum optics and entanglement.

04 Jan 22
Project QUILT reveals far-reaching potential of quantum optics and imaging

Update from Fraunhofer group covers research by six institutes and partners over past four years.

01 Jan 22
Georgia Tech develops soft semiconductors that can detect ultra-low light levels

Three engineering laboratories collaborate to achieve new level of photodetector stretchability.

23 Dec 21
Researchers in Germany develop novel optical diffuser, based on silicon nanoparticles

Device can control the direction, wavelength and polarization of light, for transparent screens or AR applications.

22 Dec 21
NIST scientists boost accuracy of microscope calibration tenfold

Technique allows better imaging of microdroplets; method being used to analyze plastic nanoparticles and in virus assaying.

22 Dec 21
Metalens sorts colors for high-sensitivity sensors

NTT Corporation develops metasurface able to split out primary colors without filters.

21 Dec 21
US Navy opens $23 million laser weapons lab at Point Mugu, California

Dignitaries welcome the ‘first and only’ facility for evaluating directed energy systems in a maritime environment.

20 Dec 21
Fraunhofer and QuTech unite to progress quantum internet

The aim is to develop quantum technologies to strengthen Europe's innovative capabilities.

15 Dec 21
Optical cavity enhances interferometry performance

University of Birmingham design could assist delivery of kilometer-scale atom interferometers.

15 Dec 21
HyperLight demoes hybrid integrated transmitter with DFB laser on LiNbO3

Partnership with Harvard and Freedom Photonics paves way for such high-power lasers.

14 Dec 21
MIT develops tool to speed development of solar cells

Simulator helps predict if changes to materials and design will improve photovoltaic performance.

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