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27 Sep 18
imec combines solar cells to drive efficiencies above 30%

CIGS or silicon solar cells are integrated with perovskite to use different parts of spectrum boosting overall output.

25 Sep 18
Researchers shrink LiNbO3 modulator by factor of 100

Harvard-Hong Kong-Bell integrated modulator is also more energy efficient, to serve next-gen optical networks.

19 Sep 18
NIST refines laser power meter for industrial apps

Chip-sized "smart mirror" technology could help manufacturers measure laser power from 1W to several 100W in real time.

19 Sep 18
‘Fishbone’ laser cuts reduce car engine fuel use

Reducing piston wear in cylinders is now more than “science friction”, say engineers at Fraunhofer IWS.

18 Sep 18
Micron-sized lens could link quantum computers to optical networks

ANU (Australia) -developed system is based on nano-structures forming a metasurface, which controls photon behavior.

04 Sep 18
Graphene sensor shows mid-IR potential

Simple, efficient and fast uncooled device operating at 12.2µm wavelength looks suitable for realization of future on-chip detector array.

30 Aug 18
Milk sensor tipped to cut contaminants

European consortium is developing tiny organic optoelectronic device to help cut antibiotic use and check animal health.

27 Aug 18
German team to workshop high-energy mid-IR laser development

Meeting in October will discuss path to commercial Joule-scale pulsed 1.9 µm sources, and potential applications.

16 Aug 18
AIM Photonics partners land NSF grants

$1.2M for three affiliated groups, including a San Diego effort to produce chip-level Fourier transform spectrometers.

15 Aug 18
Novel optics for ultrafast camera creates new imaging methods

MIT develops "time-folded" optics for ultrafast cameras: captures image at multiple depths simultaneously in one shutter click.

15 Aug 18
Terahertz tech reveals semiconductor laser mechanism

Leeds University-led international team shows how single lasing wavelength gets selected.

15 Aug 18
UES wins $49M to test laser-protective materials for US Air Force

Materials development company to work on new technologies to protect air crews from both blinding flashes and future directed energy threats.

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