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LASEROPTIK – Home of high power optics and coatings

LASEROPTIK is a manufacturer of high LIDT laser optics and coatings from VUV to IR and employs more than 40 coating machines using 7 different coating methods. They include e-beam evaporation, ion assisted deposition (IAD), ion plating, magnetron sputtering, ion beam sputtering (IBS) and atomic layer deposition (ALD).

LASEROPTIK offers an express coating service starting with a 24 hour option for rapid prototyping. Coatings and optics can be configured in the online app „LOOP“, a database with more than 1200 coatings plus substrates and coated components. 

Typical products are:
–     high LIDT mirror and AR coatings
–     thin film polarizers
–     gradient filters
–     dispersive coatings like GTI mirrors
–     chirped mirrors and mirror pairs
–     attenuators
–     customized filters
–     metal-enhanced coatings
–     coatings on crystals
–     fibers
–     viewports
–     space optics

LASEROPTIK offers special capabilities in their Ion Beam Sputtering section. Two IBS coaters have been built up for coatings on large substrates of up to 2 meters in length or 550 mm in diameter.

With a team of about 100 people, LASEROPTIK produces up to 180,000 coated optics per year for laser applications in industry, medicine and scientific research.

 Coatings and thin films
 IR optics
 Nonlinear optics
 Optical waveguides, couplers
 UV optics
 Windows and prisms
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