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31 May 18
Waterspy prototype detects deadly waterborne bacteria

In a few years, this device will be bought by water distribution companies, water authorities and related bodies.

29 May 18
New light-coupling technique assists biosensor cost and performance

China project injects incident light into silicon disks through directly connected waveguides.

22 May 18
SERS allows direct optical reading of single-molecule DNA bases

Imec's surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy process could also be used in chemical and biological sensing.

15 May 18
ICFO solves photoexcited graphene ‘puzzle’

Barcelona-based group says understanding mechanism will boost graphene-based light detectors.

15 May 18
Diode laser frequency reference 'passes' sounding rocket test

Work towards optical satellite navigation system shows independent operation of diode laser setup and optical frequency comb.

11 May 18
Leti and Cellmic to jointly promote lens-free microscopy

Applications in low-tech environments for diverse diagnostics and biomedical sensing.

11 May 18
Biomolecular transport boosts super-resolution performance

German project imaging quantum dots develops new method said to improve resolution by factor of ten.

02 May 18
Toshiba extends limits of secure intercity comms

Twin-Field QKD allows secure quantum key distribution over 500km of standard optical fiber.

01 May 18
Fraunhofers work on QUILT to cover quantum opportunities

Novel management of photons and quantum states will create multiple modern applications, say German research groups.

30 Apr 18
Compact ultrafast lasers drive fusion forward

From intense X-rays to record-breaking neutron generation, Colorado plasma scientist Jorge Rocca is re-creating the extreme conditions found in stars with nanowires and a Joule-level laser.

25 Apr 18
Solar PV tool calculates device degradation rates

NREL-led consortium's RdTools standardizes assessments, providing better module performance and degradation analysis.

24 Apr 18
New laser-driven X-ray technique images bone sample within minutes

German project takes a step towards practical clinical application of the technology.

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