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29 Mar 18
Bench-top IR spectromicroscope quality rivals synchrotron

France-developed laser source for infrared chemical imaging is a promising tool for detailed early medical diagnosis.

28 Mar 18
Depth-sensing imaging system can peer through fog

Computational photography based on laser transmissions could solve a problem that has long limited potential of self-driving cars.

28 Mar 18
New optical mammography design offers improved sensitivity

Politecnico di Milano's detection chain is also potentially more robust and cost-effective.

28 Mar 18
First continuous room-temperature diamond maser developed

London researchers say "breakthrough" masers could be used more widely in medical imaging, airport scanners and more.

27 Mar 18
Transatlantic alliance works on tantalum balls for 3D printing

'Spheroidized' form of hard-wearing metal thought to be well suited to laser additive processes.

21 Mar 18
Medical optics offer hope for sleep apnea

ICFO researchers develop non-invasive, point-of-care optical device to study sleeping disorder and improve treatment.

20 Mar 18
NASA improves 3D-printing for faster, cheaper nozzles

Patented Laser Wire Direct Closeout method cuts manufacturing time and cost for thin-but-rugged rocket nozzle production.

20 Mar 18
VTT enters cooperation with Hitachi on silicon photonics

"Mutually beneficial" agreement will see co-development of silicon photonics plus joint presentations at shows and conferences.

20 Mar 18
Multi-color images captured by lensless camera

Scientists at NTU use ground glass and monochrome sensor to reverse-engineer scattered light, regenerate color picture.

15 Mar 18
Rockley sets up Tyndall research lab

€3.4M joint investment with Irish Photonic Integration Centre to focus on silicon photonics technology.

13 Mar 18
Pixium Vision reports success with ‘bionic’ vision system

Prima system trialed in three patients with Atrophic Dry-AMD; all now showing positive reactions to implants.

08 Mar 18
Glasgow researchers 'unmix' liquids using laser

Novel approach to separation and creation of new phases could lead to new ways of manipulating matter and making crystals.

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