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03 Dec 18
Research to cut cost of laser welding metal sheets for ships

LZH-led DIOMAR project to develop new laser welding processes for thick sheet metal in the maritime sector.

30 Nov 18
AquiSense partners with US EPA and Washington University

To further advance UV LED water disinfection system development for emergency situations.

28 Nov 18
Concentrator photovoltaics achieves peak performance

European project CPVMatch drives solar module efficiency up to 41.4 per cent.

27 Nov 18
Malaysian team looks to roll out infrared glucose sensor

Photonics lab at national development agency claims breakthrough with clinical prototype for non-invasive diabetic monitoring.

21 Nov 18
ams and Qualcomm to co-develop 'active stereo camera' for mobile 3D apps

Proposed solution intended to enable cost-reduced 3D biometrics, facial scanning and imaging from cellphones.

20 Nov 18
NRL develops nonmechanical laser steering

Chip-based SEEOR beam technology offers alternative to “inefficient” mechanical scanners.

19 Nov 18
Functional optical metalens made from 2D materials

US-Taiwanese partnership uses materials such as hexagonal boron nitride and molybdenum disulfide.

15 Nov 18
Monteris publishes positive clinical data for brain laser treatment

Medical technology developer says Its NeuroBlate system can help patients with brain metastasis.

13 Nov 18
UK quantum teams to build QKD, atomic clock, and gravity sensor prototypes

Industry-led effort aims to develop four quantum instruments, each underpinned by photonics technology, within two years.

01 Nov 18
LaserNetUS established as new national high intensity laser network

Brings together nine key facilities; Department of Energy investing $6.8 m over next two years.

30 Oct 18
HyperVIEW platform promises cellular-level imaging and treatment

Lumitron system using laser-Compton X-ray source will offer higher resolution for medical and industrial uses.

24 Oct 18
Laser-cut live body simulator chip wins design award

Fraunhofer IWS scientists expect animal testing ban, so microsystems are needed for medical and cosmetic tests.

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