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01 Mar 17
Luxexcel 3D printed ophthalmic lenses meet ISO standard

3D printed ophthalmic quality lenses confirmed by independent testing.

01 Mar 17
Optical techniques key to bidirectional brain-machine interfaces

Researchers at Geneva using a combination of 2-photon microscopy and optogenetics say discovery could benefit prosthetic limb control.

23 Feb 17
Replicating nature’s ability to reflect light promises new photonics materials

Surrey team develops ceramics that mimic "butterfly wing" structures; with patents filed, and commercial partner identified.

22 Feb 17
Osram broadens horizons into deep-UV LEDs

Licensing agreement with aluminum nitride substrate developer HexaTech sees the giant LED maker target emerging sub-sector.

21 Feb 17
NASA and MIT working on quantum-dot spectrometer

Nanotechnology has potential to shrink critical space instrumentation dramatically, by replacing traditional optical components.

19 Feb 17
German partners developing 'ultra-short pulse laser of the future'

Trumpf, Schott and Bosch involved in project ScULPT to produce new source for with tenfold increase in productivity for materials processing.

16 Feb 17
LZH launches optogenetics innovation network

Project for Germany intends to unlock the potential of light-controlled biomolecules.

15 Feb 17
QCL-based THz sources generate 'record' ultrashort pulses

TUW and ETHZ researchers add lateral absorber to laser resonator, creating emission bandwidth across a full octave.

14 Feb 17
Singapore team develops flexible terahertz source

For fast and non-invasive screening applications in spectroscopy, surveillance, cancer diagnosis and more.

03 Feb 17
Livermore lab hits petawatt milestone

High-repetition-rate laser ready for shipment to Europe’s Extreme Light Infrastructure facility near Prague.

26 Jan 17
Valencian photonics researchers among ERC grant winners

Novel optical fiber and solar cells among Spanish projects recognized for problem-solving, commercial potential.

24 Jan 17
Amplitude Systèmes signs deal with Fraunhofer ILT

Partners to jointly develop high-power ultrafast laser for materials processing and more.

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