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28 Nov 19
Mirrorcle targets robotics with MEMS lidar

Californian firm looks to stand out from the crowd with 'unique' dual-axis system design.

20 Nov 19
NIST high performance camera could detect extraterrestrial life, dark matter

Camera consists of sensors made from superconducting nanowires, which can detect single photons; among best photon counters available.

20 Nov 19
US academic-military group creates tunable terahertz laser

Harvard SEAS, MIT and US Army develop compact, room-temperature THz source; promising better imaging, communications.

20 Nov 19
Heliogen claims solar thermal breakthrough

Machine vision approach tweaks mirror optics to generate enough heat for industrial processes, says Bill Gates-backed startup.

14 Nov 19
NIST-led team develops tiny low-energy device to switch light in optical chips

Compact switch is first to operate at voltages low enough to be integrated in silicon chips; redirects light with very low signal loss.

14 Nov 19
Graphene-gold biosensor technology analyzes stem cells

For the treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and other neurological disorders.

13 Nov 19
Mauna Kea joins Dutch molecular imaging project that just won €5.4M

The MEDPHOT consortium is aiming to develop light-based molecular imaging solution for pulmonary diseases.

06 Nov 19
Researchers develop 'optoplasmonic' sensor for rapid onsite analysis of milk

Fraunhofers and partners including a dairy work on "MOLOKO" project to make microfluidic chip and optics to test samples in situ.

04 Nov 19
Researchers use 3-D printing to make optical fiber preform

Sydney, Australia-based team also reports creation of “first” silica glass fibers drawn from additively manufactured preforms.

30 Oct 19
US Navy researchers report energy transfer by kilowatt laser

Power Transmitted Over Laser field demo earlier in 2019 has implications for remotely powering drones and more.

28 Oct 19
M Squared and Strathclyde quantum partnership secures £4.6M

Strathclyde quantum technology partnership secures funding to support commercial collaboration with M Squared.

24 Oct 19
Solar cell efficiency boosted by bio-material

Research at Penn State University finds that adding protein to perovskite cells significantly raises conversion efficiency.

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