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31 Aug 16
Optics+Photonics 2016: LIGO now targeting 'every black hole’ in the Universe

Plenary on next phase of gravity wave detection project captivates SPIE audience in San Diego.

30 Aug 16
Optics+Photonics 2016: artificial recycling of CO2 into fuel does work

However, big questions remain and much research still lies ahead, conference hears.

25 Aug 16
Fraunhofer project tests cell compatibility of OLEDs

Studying how OLEDs are tolerated by organic cells could benefit light therapy and medical applications.

24 Aug 16
Ornithodolite reveals that birds fly faster in large flocks

Laser-telescope system measures speed of diverse bird groupings.

16 Aug 16
DARPA project seeks ‘new era’ in optics for defense

US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) looks to break conventions in optical design with ‘EXTREME’ program.

08 Aug 16
Expert academic group appointed for 'flagship' European quantum project

13 senior scientists make up high-level steering committee, chaired by Humboldt University’s Jürgen Mlynek.

04 Aug 16
Quantum dot start-up UbiQD wins NSF grant for solar windows

Los Alamos spin-out gets SBIR Phase 1 cash to develop coatings based on cadmium-free nanoparticles.

29 Jul 16
Cascade detector offers mid-IR sensing

Chessboard design operating at room temperature provides 4.3 µm detection and could easily be scaled for imaging applications.

26 Jul 16
Singapore team launches silicon photonics follow-up

Second phase of packaging program follows successful development of device library including grating couplers.

21 Jul 16
Ultrashort laser pulses support fiber-reinforced components

Allows more complex geometries and product integration with bonded copper layers without toxic chemicals.

20 Jul 16
Facebook Connectivity Lab sensor enables optical wireless comms

With data rates of more than 2Gbits/s, new approach in photodetection could simplify free-space optics.

19 Jul 16
Magnetic fields offer new window onto nerves in action

Measurement of ultra-small magnetic fields from a frog nerve could lead to practical use in diagnostics.

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