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02 Mar 16
LGS Innovations completes lidar development with DARPA

Breakthrough will improve DoD LIDAR systems’ ability to detect and identify objects of interest.

01 Mar 16
Retro signal treatment boosts modern optical networks

UK's "UNLOC" researchers use Optical Phase Conjugation to extend reach of high-rate transmissions.

01 Mar 16
Photonics system aims to reveal antibiotic allergies

PUV, Valencia, leads European "Cobiophad" project to develop cheap device to detect drug allergies.

26 Feb 16
Gas-hollow fiber laser delivers 'difficult' mid-IR output

Acetylene-filled fiber laser produces 3.1µm-3.2µm wavelengths, long-sought by photonics R&D groups.

25 Feb 16
Optical guide aims to keep orthopedic procedures on target

Hebrew University's BioDesign program develops "optoelectronic drill" to improve surgery outcomes.

25 Feb 16
Swiss-led team kicks off €5M perovskite solar project

Nine international partners join forces with CSEM to develop large-scale perovskite modules and high-performance tandem cells on silicon.

24 Feb 16
First Solar CdTe cell hits 22.1% efficiency

Developmental device produced at the firm's Ohio research center.

22 Feb 16
France's LETI touts industry connections

Satellite meeting adjacent to Photonics West venue talks silicon photonics, neurophotonics, molecular sensors, and terahertz imaging.

22 Feb 16
Better brain imaging: 'look big and see fine'

BiOS keynote shows power of two-photon and functional MRI combination.

11 Feb 16
PTB claims 'most accurate' optical single-ion clock

Optical atomic clocks are "more stable and more accurate" than current time-setting standard cesium clocks.

11 Feb 16
LZH develops presbyopia laser surgery model

Femtosecond laser 'lentotomy' could become future treatment for the age-related condition that affects close-up vision.

10 Feb 16
Holoxica wins €1.3m to develop next-gen 3D medical displays

Holographic imaging pioneer to work with academic, healthcare partners on training and surgical support systems.

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