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16 Sep 14
Lockheed tests turret for airborne laser weapon

'Airworthiness' of aero-optic control unit demonstrated in eight test flights over Michigan.

11 Sep 14
Emitter based on insect eye shines new light

Bio-insipred design could lead to novel emitters and sensors.

09 Sep 14
Laser pulse turns glass into 'conducting metal'

Electrons freed to create short-lived metallic properties that could drive high speed switching.

05 Sep 14
NASA develops rocket parts with 3-D printing

Rocket engine injector made in two pieces by laser melting - instead of 163 individual parts.

03 Sep 14
Engineers develop novel sensor to detect individual nanoparticles

Raman microlaser sensor in SiO2 chip spots nanoparticles without need for doping the chip.

28 Aug 14
Cascade laser sensor may replace pinprick blood tests

Researchers at Princeton develop mid-IR noninvasive technique; could improve quality of life for diabetics.

14 Aug 14
'3-in-1' optical skin cancer probe developed

Device could cut unnecessary biopsies, offer rapid non-invasive examination of melanomas.

14 Aug 14
US Marines Humvee to get 25kW laser weapon

Contractor Raytheon says that its planar waveguide optics are the key to delivering enough power to down enemy drones.

11 Aug 14
ICFO technique probes deep tissue blood flow

Speckle contrast optical spectroscopy promises simpler detection of red blood cell motion.

28 Jul 14
Polymer solar cell reaches 11.5% efficiency

Triple-junction device developed by UCLA research team suggests that more efficiency gains are within reach.

25 Jul 14
UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering rewards photonics innovators

New Research Fellowships recognise high-capacity fiber breakthrough and bloodflow imaging method.

24 Jul 14
European Commission publishes ICT 2015 call

Photonics element of Horizon 2020 focuses on data centers, laser-based manufacturing and photonic integrated circuits.

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