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09 Feb 16
Heliatek sets new record OPV efficiency of 13.2%

Solar film pioneer says it is well on the way towards achieving 15% efficient organic solar cells.

03 Feb 16
Twente achieves super-sharp images from fiber endoscopes

European project achieves lensless imaging of human body interiors through thin optical fibers.

03 Feb 16
Polarization switching could boost guide-star brightness

Alternating laser between right and left circular polarization will generate brighter beacons for adaptive optics, researchers say.

03 Feb 16
Nokia Bell Labs reboots bandwidth variable transmitter

Self-reconfiguring “BVT” expected to be a crucial part of flexible, optimized networks to handle booming data.

02 Feb 16
New class of optical soliton discovered

Researchers at CUDOS, Australia, excited by the unexpected discovery of 'pure-quartic' wave in a silicon photonics chip.

29 Jan 16
Ireland, US team to advance integrated optoelectronics packaging

$3M research project revolves around principal investigators in Tucson, Dublin and Belfast.

27 Jan 16
Petawatt laser system passes key milestone

Lawrence Livermore, developing HAPLS system for ELI Beamlines, reports power breakthrough - two months early.

26 Jan 16
Laser experiments test Einstein’s gravity theory

FBH Berlin involved in projects using diode lasers to investigate relativity.

26 Jan 16
IMEC and Total extend 'smart' solar collaboration

Oil company wants to raise PV panel output with 23%-efficient bifacial solar panels and better weather prediction.

21 Jan 16
Finland launches R&D project into optical measurement systems

VTT-led Terävä ("Sharp") project to develop new online, optical sensing systems for diverse industries.

19 Jan 16
Flexible optical sensor suits biometrics

UK-France collaboration develops large-area fingerprint and vein sensor based on new organic printed photodetectors.

14 Jan 16
Ireland announces €28M high-tech investment

Photonics supporting core areas of new research into key enabling technologies to be investigated.

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