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26 Aug 15
Raman method improves colonoscopy test for cancer

Optical Raman spectra of blood reveals “simple fingerprint”; less invasive approach should encourage patient take-up.

21 Aug 15
Non-invasive, laser doppler system detects skin cancer

UK-Italian partnership accurately detects malignant melanomas without need for a biopsy.

20 Aug 15
ISLA project delivers new fiber laser options

2µm sources with potential use in polymer material processing and surgery set to be tested by Rofin-Sinar.

18 Aug 15
Mini X-ray source driven by laser light alone

Replacement formation technique replaces need for multi-kilometer synchrotron with lab-scale system.

13 Aug 15
Optics+Photonics 2015: Perovskite a ‘dream’ solar material

Professor Yang Yang, of UCLA, paid tribute to compound that is exciting PV researchers worldwide.

11 Aug 15
Optics+Photonics 2015: Benefits of ultrafast and ultraslow imaging

Professor Keisuke Goda reports on potential of superfast/slow imaging for manufacturing, medicine and geology.

04 Aug 15
Stand-alone cell lasers promise new class of medical devices

Lasing within organic cells could allow both sensing and treatment in vivo.

03 Aug 15
Tiny laser cells reveal cancer mechanisms

Group at St Andrews shrinks optical resonators, which are "swallowed" by cells in vivo, for cancer investigations.

31 Jul 15
Ribbon cores promise power boost for fiber lasers

Lawrence Livermore team's oblong-patterned photonic crystal fibers look set to help pulsed applications first.

29 Jul 15
Improved, cheaper hybrid solar cell material created

Kaunas University team develops cheaper “hole-transporter” for 17% PV process efficiency.

28 Jul 15
Laser and chemical analysis could cut historic stone theft

Research project at Loughborough, UK, uses LIBS to identify heritage materials.

27 Jul 15
3D-printed aircraft launched from warship

University of Southampton engineers test fly and safely land “SULSA” – a laser-printed unmanned aircraft.

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