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Contents: January 2009 edition

14 Jan 2009

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Exploring multiphoton microscopy in depth

Over the last two decades, the use of multiphoton microscopy has spread to all major areas of biological research. Marie Freebody speaks to John Girkin about the remarkable potential of this powerful technique and the innovations that have aided its growth.


Diversity is strength for high-power laser diodes

Innovation is the name of the game as laser diode makers strive to open up new markets for their products. Bookham's Dominik Jaeggi and Christian Naumer explain that the trend towards higher powers must be matched by higher brightness and lower cost.


2009: Executive perspectives

There is no doubt that 2009 will be a challenging year for the optics industry. The economic downturn, industry-wide skills shortage, environmental concerns and the new US president will shape the market. OLE asks five industry leaders for their opinions on these big issues.


Adaptive optics speeds up airport immigration

An iris-recognition system that uses adaptive optics to compensate for subject motion could move this biometric technique into mainstream security applications. Marie Freebody speaks to Phil Tusa of AOptix to discuss the development in more detail.


Vienna encrypts communication network

A European telecoms network has become the first to use quantum cryptography to securely transmit information. Nadya Anscombe finds out about the enabling technology and the next generation of equipment under development.


Know your needs before buying a beam profiler

Precisely measuring the parameters of a laser beam is crucial to using it successfully. Allen Carey of Photon Inc describes the range of beam profiling techniques available.


Is it beneficial to protect my product or design in China?

There are three types of patent protection available in China. Jacqueline Hewett asks patent attorney Mark Yeadon to explain the options, exactly what each one covers and why they are worth considering.

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