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Spectrogon manufactures and develops optical interference filters, other thin film coatings and holographic diffraction gratings.

The optical interference filter products in the range 200-15000 nm includes

  • Bandpass
  • Longwave-pass
  • Shortwave-pass
  • Broad-bandpass
  • Neutral Density filters

Spectrogon delivers filter wafers or diced filter wafers on tape frames. Benefits with deliveries on tape; the filters are fixed during transportation, enables pick and place handling and reduces unit costs.

Spectrogon can manufacture and deliver either the optical filters for your filter wheel or supply the complete assembled filter wheel.

The thin film coating products in the range 193-20000 nm includes

  • Antireflection coatings
  • Beam splitter coatings
  • High reflection mirror coatings

Manufacturing capabilities

Spectrogon has coating chambers both for small prototype runs and for high volume production.

Manufacturing size range for filters is from Ø6.0 mm up to Ø203.0 mm cutting down to 1.4 mm squares.

Manufacturing size for Gratings is from 4x10 x3 mm up to 120x140x20 mm.

Filter applications

  • Gas analysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Thermal imaging
  • Medical
  • Agricultural
  • Moisture sensor
  • Process supervision
  • Astronomical
  • Laser


We have over 300 000 off-the-shelf filters in stock for immediate delivery. A selection of standard stock filters is listed on www.spectrogon.com with all the necessary specifications, prices and available quantities. If you don’t find a suitable filter for your application in the list, please contact Spectrogon’s sales team for assistance.

Email: sales.se@spectrogon.com

Tel: +46 8 638 28 00

Diffraction grating products

Spectrogon manufactures holographic diffraction gratings for UV-NIR. Our custom made gratings have high efficiency, low stray light, wide tuning range, high damage threshold and optimized for specific applications.

For custom designs we have several grating designers ready to review your specification. We help you to determine a specification that is both technically feasible and economical to manufacture.

For prototype work and for predefined gratings we list approximately 250 gratings with optical characteristics and other specification in our website www.spectrogon.com.

Grating applications                              

  • Chirped pulse compression
  • Stretching and compression
  • Fiber pulse compression
  • Telecommunication/Fiber optics
  • Wavelength tuning of lasers
  • Monochromators
  • Spectroscopy
  • Littrow configuration
  • Grazing incidence Littman configuration

Spectrogon continuously improves production techniques and craftsmanship in order to supply the customers with state of the art products.


  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
  • MIL-F-48616 Specifications
  • REACH conformity
  • RoHS conformity

Spectrogon has established operating businesses in three different countries

Spectrogon AB headquartered in Täby, Sweden, two manufacturing facilities north of Stockholm, totaling 3600 square meters modern manufacturing facilities for thin film and grating products, employing 67 persons for R&D, production, sales and marketing in Europe, Asia and Australia. 

Spectrogon AB (Headquarters), Sweden

Covering: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and Middle East.


Tel no: +46 8 638 28 00

Fax no: +46 8 638 28 08

Box 7071 SE-187 12 Täby


Spectrogon UK, Ltd., in Scotland, UK, is a wholly owned subsidiary employing three persons for sales and marketing in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Netherlands and Belgium.


Tel no: +44 1592 770 000

Fax no: +44 1592 770 040

Whitworth Rd, Glenrothes

Fife, KY6 2TF

United Kingdom

Spectrogon US, Inc., in New Jersey, USA, is a wholly owned subsidiary and employs three persons for sales and marketing to the American photonics market. Covering: North and South America


Tel no: +1 973 331 1191

Fax no: +1 973 331 1373

115 Route 46 West Suite A2 Mountain Lakes,

NJ 07046


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Box 7071
S-187 12
Tel: 46 8 6382800
Fax: 46 8 6382808
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