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Omicron-Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH

Omicron develops and produces innovative laser systems and LED light sources. Important developments are the PhoxX® compact high-performance laser, LuxX® compact CW diode laser, SOLE® laser light engine as well as the LightHUB® beam combiner. With these developments, Omicron is one of the leading manufacturers for demanding applications in biotechnology, microscopy, microlithography and many more. Product development and production comply with European and US guidelines

Omicron is a well established company which has succeeded in positioning itself as a market leader in the area of laser diode systems and applications. Examples are the successful LDM-Series with direct highspeed modulation and the lasers of the PhoxX®-Series which were developed for high-end laser applications such as Computer to Plate (CtP), DVD mastering, wafer inspection, microscopy and reprography. Keeping a step ahead of current standards is an integral part of Omicron’s philosophy. One secret behind the success is the modular principle Omicron uses for construction. Allowing easy integration of both LDM- and PhoxX® series lasers in existing and new machines, is of great advantage to our customers. We can make adjustments in accordance with customer’s wishes at point in time. The company’s latest important developments were the BrixX® compact high-performance lasers, LuxX® compact CW diode lasers, SOLE® laser light engines as well as the LightHUB® beam combiners. With these developments, Omicron is a leading manufacturer for demanding applications in biotechnology, microscopy, microlithography and more.

Innovative Products

LuxX® Compact CW Diode Lasers
With the LuxX diode laser series, Omicron is showing the way forward in the 375-830nm wavelength. The LuxX® series offers many unbeatable advantages when compared with conventional argon gas and DPSS lasers. As a result of the fast, direct analogue power modulation of greater than 1.5 MHz, and a full ON/OFF shutter function of greater than 150 kHz, opto-acoustic modulation is no longer needed. Compact construction and flexible input signalling allows the lasers to be integrated simply into existing or future machine designs. One significant feature of the LuxX® diode laser is its all integrate intelligent laser electronics with RS-232 and USB 2.0 interfaces that permit easy interaction with the application. The ultra compact footprint of only 4 x 4 x 10cm makes these lasers the most compact in the market. Furthermore, by using innovative Omicron optics, astigmatism is corrected so that the beam has a diameter of around 1mm and the focus is absolutely circular. The lasers are available in more than 20 different wavelengths between 375 and 830nm with single-mode optical output powers up to 300mW.

Multi Wavelength Solutions

The SOLE® laser light engines and LightHUB® compact beam combiners represent a new era of Omicron products. Designed to meet today´s needs in biotech and microscopic applications, they combine up to 6 wavelengths of diode and DPSS lasers. The SOLE® light engines are compact laser sources with up to six lasers, coupled in up to two single mode fibers. The SOLE® systems offer fast analogue and digital modulation for each laser line and fast switching between the individual wavelengths. The LightHUB® compact beam combiners are able to steadily combine the laser beams of up to four diode or DPSS lasers into a co-linear beam, which can then be used in free-space or fiber coupled applications. Where the SOLE® laser light engines mainly address end-users, the LightHUB® compact beam combiners are very attractive for OEM integration. For both products, the customer can choose from over 30 different wavelengths in the range of 355 to 2090nm. Various power levels of up to 300mW per laser line are available.Visit us at

www.omicron-laser.de for more info.

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