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Hyperion Optics

Hyperion is a premium custom optics & optical assembly provider established in 2008. Our team works in an iterative + collaborative way with our clients to optimize their go-to-market strategies. We specialize in DFM/ DFA (Design for Manufacturability/ Assembly) and providing cost-competitive, high-quality custom optics, and lens assemblies.

As a full-service provider for custom optical solutions, we offer optical & mechanical designdesign optimization, feasibility study, tolerance analyses, component fabrication, and optomechanical assemblies from UV, VIS, through LWIR applications.

With this comprehensive capability, Hyperion eliminates component-level performance issues and waste caused by over-specification. Our production team and optical engineers collaborate to fine-tune manufacturing & assembly tolerances, improving optical outcome and yield. Our engineering team consists of 15 engineering experts in optics, mechanical, and electrical fields. Along with a team of experienced production and assembly staff, we consistently convert world-class system designs into high-quality products.

 Adaptive optics systems
 Beam profilers
 Beam shapers and expanders
 Cleaning equipment
 Cleanroom equipment
 Coating equipment
 Coatings and thin films
 Diffractive optics
 Imaging systems
 Infrared/thermal imaging
 IR optics
 Laser crystals
 Laser Damage Testing
 Machine vision
 MTF measurement
 Nonlinear optical materials
 Nonlinear optics
 Optical amplifiers
 Optical design
 Optical design services
 Optical fabrication
 Optical sensors
 Optical spectrum analysers
 Optical testing equipment
 Polishing and grinding
 Spatial filters
 UV optics
 Wavefront analysis
 Windows and prisms
Hyperion Optics
1981 State Route 27
Ste 204
United States
Tel: 9088991918
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