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Photon Lines is a leading supplier to the UK and Ireland’s photonics community. Our activities are divided into 2 main market segments, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. Our wide range of photonics products are the first choice for some of the world’s leading research institutes and manufacturers and our sales specialists are always on hand to assist our customers in making the right choices for their proposed applications. We strive to keep abreast of current technology, so that we maintain our reputation for offering world-leading products and solutions.

Photon Lines’ Physical Sciences division serves a wide range of field including  physics, chemistry and industrial manufacturing. An example of the optical components offered are acousto optic products, some of which are used in the latest high performance ultrafast laser systems from the world’s leading laser manufacturers. Our AO frequency shifter customers include Quantum Technology Research groups, who are developing the next generation of computers and encrypted communications systems. High speed thermal cameras, scientific CMOS cameras and high speed image recording systems are just three of the wide portfolio of imaging solution that we offer.

Photon Lines also offers a broad range of Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) solutions, and we are proud to announce a new partnership. Unispectral offer ground breaking technology which is creating new opportunities, and bringing HSI to mass market applications. Ideal also for academics wishing to “dip their toe into the water” before making larger investments in more complex systems, the Monarch II multispectral mobile camera is the smallest, lightest HSI solution available on the market today.

Our firmly established "full system" hyperspectral imaging solutions from Resonon and Telops are available as laboratory benchtop system, tripod-based outdoor field system, and airborne remote sensing systems. Resonon’s offerings are being used in precision agriculture, biotechnology, food analysis, including machine vision and optical sorting applications (click here for more details). The spectrum covered by Resonon and Telops covers the near ultraviolet to thermal infrared, and the latter have recently launched revolutionary "Airborne Mini" system for remote sensing applications, including detection and quantification of noxious gases, see Airborne Mini video

Photon Lines’ Life Sciences partners are leaders in their respective fields, including Abberior Instruments, founded by Professor Stefan Hell, one of the inventors of the STED (stimulated emission depletion) super resolution nanoscopy technique. Also offered is the cost effective range of laser-free confocal microscopes from Aurox. 

The Aurox Clarity is a laser free confocal device delivering extraordinary imaging performance. It’s compact patented optical design and laser-free operation, provide for ease of retrofit to an existing fluorescence microscope, or addition to most new models currently available. The benefits are an affordable confocal device for your own laboratory, eliminating the need to use core facilities.The Aurox ClarityHS is the next generation in laser free confocal instruments using the Aurox patented structured illumination spinning disc design. Structured illumination achieves significantly greater light through the spinning disc compared with a Nipkov pinhole design. As a result, structured illumination affords higher resolution, higher quality confocal images.

The HS of ClarityHS stands for High Speed which comes from its fast, up to 100 frames per second full frame video capture rate. This fast imaging ability makes the ClarityHS ideal for higher resolution 3D time lapse imaging. The ClarityHS can record comparable images to laser scanning confocal microscopes, faster and from an easy to use and more affordable device; both in terms of initial purchase price and on-going maintenance.

The ClarityHS has been designed to be added on to your existing microscope, thereby upgrading your microscope to be confocal.

Photon Lines' partners include PCO - Excelitas, manufacturers of scientific cameras which include the largest selection of scientific CMOS (sCMOS) cameras available from one supplier, including the pco.edge and PCO Panda series.


 Adaptive optics systems
 Beam profilers
 CCD devices
 CMOS devices
 Fibre lasers
 Frame grabbers
 High-speed cameras
 Imaging systems
 Infrared/thermal imaging
 Laser diodes
 Low-light and single-photon counters
 Machine vision
 Other cameras
 Solid-state lasers
 Terahertz sources
 Ultrafast laser sources
 Ultrafast measurement systems
 Ultraviolet sources
 Wavefront analysis
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