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12 Apr 17
NUS engineers develop novel lens for super-resolution imaging

Discovery breaks resolution limitations in microscopy; Potential applications in high precision failure inspection and biological research.

12 Apr 17
Optopharmacology offers promising approach to pain treatment

University of Barcelona develops violet-sensitive photoactive drug procedure for alleviating pain.

12 Apr 17
UbiQD claims quantum dot efficiency breakthrough

New Mexico startup is developing cadmium-free technology for large-area solar windows.

11 Apr 17
IMEC and CSEM projects chart perovskite solar progress

Small-scale modules are now delivering stable power conversion efficiencies in excess of 12%.

07 Apr 17
Next-gen optical coatings could boost NIF laser power

New anti-reflective material on grating debris shield component also helps to protect other optics from debris and will cut need for replacement parts.

30 Mar 17
$2.3M AIM project to develop pathogen sensors

US Department of Defense supporting Rochester-led consortium working on integrated photonic devices.

28 Mar 17
Novel nanosensor promises more accurate brain mapping

Fluorescence imaging reveals details of potassium ion activity within the brain.

23 Mar 17
Red-and-blue sensitive PV cells could double conversion efficiency

Norway-Romania team say future solar cells can become twice as efficient - with a few smart nano-tricks.

22 Mar 17
Ultra-thin nanomaterials set to improve environmental sensing

Chalmers University of Technology develops sensors based on dark excitons.

22 Mar 17
Double-laser treatment structures metal surfaces better

Fraunhofer ILT’s eVerest project to develop automotive metal surface processing machine using pico- and nanosecond pulses.

22 Mar 17
High-power 5 TW source developed for ELI-ALPS project

Ekspla and Light Conversion design new Sylos 1 laser to meet requirements of European research center.

21 Mar 17
SOLUS Project aims for more accurate breast cancer diagnosis

European system will combine ultrasound, elastography and diffuse optical tomography.

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