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16 May 17
Zeiss improves swept-source OCT to boost vision care

Partnership with Advanced Retina Imaging Network progresses assessment of diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion and more.

16 May 17
Photoacoustics reveals small-animal organs at work

New variant of the technique images whole-body dynamics and tracks unlabelled melanoma cells.

09 May 17
SoraaLaser launches 'dynamic laser light source technology' for specialty lighting

Company this week presenting innovative solid-state laser light sources at LightFair International expo.

09 May 17
New glass forms: bending sheet glass by laser and gravity

Researchers take advantage of glass property of becoming malleable when exposed to high temperatures.

08 May 17
G2 Technologies develops novel 3D inspection system

Could help reduce recalls for automotive, aerospace and other industries.

03 May 17
Laser structuring improves glass adhesion on metal, protects environment

Gass-metal bonding jointly developed within aeronautical research project AUTOGLARE, aiming for advanced fuselage designs.

26 Apr 17
Microscope offers 'super-resolution' performance with optical trick

Axial resolution as low as 170 nm made possible with pre-aligned optics and mirror-based re-scanning feature.

26 Apr 17
MIT Media Lab develops faster single-pixel camera

New design principles and optimized algorithms enhance the potential uses of lensless imaging systems.

18 Apr 17
Honeywell launches laser air quality monitors

Consumers and building owners targeted with light-scattering technology for monitoring particulates.

18 Apr 17
Airborne sensors: challenges and opportunities

SPIE DCS 2017 panel session on miniaturized mobile spectrometers sees early applications in gas pipelines shifting to conflict zones in the future.

11 Apr 17
Lidar mapping monitors spread of tree diseases

UK project by Leicester University and aerial map firm Bluesky reveals lethal infections P. ramorum fungus, Dutch Elm disease and Sudden Oak Death.

11 Apr 17
Wireless camera system monitors babies' vital signs

Swiss NewbornCare project aims to replace skin sensors, reducing false alarms and easing discomfort.

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