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28 Jun 16
Heliatek installs building-integrated photovoltaics in Cairo

Company's first pilot project in Africa also represents a test-bed installation for partner Kandil Steel.

28 Jun 16
Imec presents solar cells with near 100% bifaciality

Achievement of "highly efficient bifacial n-PERT solar cell" shown at Intersolar Europe conference in Munich.

28 Jun 16
Spectroscopy key to understanding galaxy formation

Studies of ionization may reveal how and when the early universe switched from dark to light.

28 Jun 16
Design inspired by plants boosts solar cell efficiency

Engineers at KIT replicate the geometry of a rose petal's surface on photovoltaic cells.

20 Jun 16
'Twinkle' exoplanet mission completes design milestone

Two spectrometers, based on UK-wide collaboration, to analyze light transmitted from the atmospheres of distant worlds.

14 Jun 16
UK authorities recommend green laser for prostate treatment

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says Boston Scientific laser will reduce cost of treating enlarged prostates.

09 Jun 16
Photoacoustic flow cytometry 'predicts' melanoma spread

Method to detect circulating tumor cells causing metastatic cancer shows promise in pilot study.

09 Jun 16
Lidar system spots ‘tallest tree’ in the tropics

At almost 90m, a Yellow Meranti is the tallest jungle tree ever discovered in reforestation research project.

07 Jun 16
Space interferometer looks good for gravity wave detection

First in-flight results from LISA Pathfinder mission suggest that full gravity-wave observatory would be sufficiently free of noise to pick up distant cosmic collisions.

07 Jun 16
Potsdam team's optical analyzer improves paints and polymers

Collaboration between PDW Analytics and local Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research uses novel spectroscopy technique to investigate complex, turbid liquids.

07 Jun 16
Optical imaging reveals vital details of cancer growth

Sarah Bohndiek leads a team studying new ways to monitor tumor development.

02 Jun 16
Solar Frontier’s Tohoku PV plant starts production

Advanced solar cell production technology requires only two-thirds the investment per megawatt of conventional systems.

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