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28 Dec 16
MicroVision begins shipping samples of pico-projectors

Also, earlier in December the company announced it has raised $15million from sale of stock.

21 Dec 16
Space laser reveals ‘boom-and-bust’ cycle of polar plankton

New study is based on data from a NASA's laser satellite instrument orbiting Earth; implications for observing atmospheric conditions.

20 Dec 16
Laser photodynamic therapy 'transforms' prostate cancer treatment

Combination of near-infrared light and aquatic photosensitizer clears early-stage disease in half of men treated in major European trial.

20 Dec 16
Macro-scale OCT heralds new industrial uses for the technique

MIT project achieves 3D OCT over cubic-meter volumes.

19 Dec 16
Kyocera tips Doppler blood-flow sensor for wearables

Tiny optical device incorporates laser diode and photodetector into single ceramic package.

15 Dec 16
Optical tweezers allow super-resolution study of untethered cells

Bielefeld University platform aligns bacterial cells for examination of different areas.

13 Dec 16
Laser methane sensor installed at Californian gas storage facility

Pacific Gas and Electric says it is the first energy firm in the US to pilot the hand-held laser technology for continuous monitoring.

07 Dec 16
Laser technique reveals bird-wing 'contrails'

Particle imaging velocimetry shows how wing-beat vortices break up in similar manner to wake turbulence generated by airliners.

06 Dec 16
US Army contracts BAE Systems to supply thermal weapon sights

$384m deal to provide machine gunners with sights that deliver target information to a HUD whatever the lighting conditions.

06 Dec 16
Honeywell supplies laser navigation to British ‘Ajax’ tanks

Next generation of UK's fighting vehicles will stay on target with TALIN inertial navigation system.

02 Dec 16
LZH and Coherent collaborate on mobile laser cutter for road traffic accidents

Kilowatt-class fiber laser system under development with Volkswagen could help free people trapped in vehicles.

30 Nov 16
Doppler lidar under test for planetary landing

NASA team hopes that triple-laser system will improve chances of successful touch-down on Mars.

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