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17 Aug 16
Gaia set for first data release after optics fixes

Problems with stray light and iced-up optics in two years since galaxy-mapping satellite began its survey.

16 Aug 16
Metamaterial superlens surpasses existing near-field imaging techniques

Bangor University develops high-index all-dielectric lens able to work with visible light.

15 Aug 16
Multi-view method boosts fluorescence microscopy resolution

Technique from NIBIB captures previously neglected light in wide-field and light-sheet operation.

09 Aug 16
New modelling of optoacoustic data improves oxygenation studies

Technical University of Munich method aims to correct for propagation effects in tissue.

04 Aug 16
Low-level laser therapy boosts platelet production in animal blood

Wellman Center study suggests a drug-free method for treating thrombocytopenia.

03 Aug 16
IMAX inks agreement for 150 new installations in China

Largest new theater deal to date will include deployment of laser cinema projection technology.

28 Jul 16
Ford hooks up with MIT on lidar for pedestrian mapping

Project uses laser ranging technology to monitor pedestrian movements around urban areas.

27 Jul 16
Optical probe measures temperatures deep inside the brain

CNBP project offers new view of links between neuronal condition and drug use.

27 Jul 16
Syneron picosecond source tackles blue and green tattoo inks

New 785 nm wavelength receives FDA clearance for treatment of hard-to-remove pigments.

21 Jul 16
Laser welding of glass now ready for industry

Femtosecond laser system developed by Trumpf enables economical, high-quality glass welding,

14 Jul 16
BAE Systems develops laser airspeed sensor for aircraft

UV-based “LASSI” system more accurate and sturdy than conventional pitot systems.

14 Jul 16
Window to the brain moves closer to reality

Two studies indicate future clinical feasibility of University of California, Riverside, implant.

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