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16 Oct 17
Neutron-star fusion confirmed by LIGO and telescope teams

LIGO facilities and dozens of telescopes make first observation of both gravitational waves and light generated by same 'kilonova' cosmic source.

11 Oct 17
Lockheed Martin developing airborne anti-missile laser

Threats will be challenged by $9.4m laser beam demonstrator designed to fly on airborne platform.

11 Oct 17
GM buys compact lidar systems developer Strobe

To advance self-driving car development – “lidar accuracy will play a critical role in deployment.”

06 Oct 17
ESO plans 15-telescope array for gravitational-wave follow-up

Initial three-telescope array could be expanded to 15 interconnected facilities under ‘BlackGEM’ scheme.

04 Oct 17
Lockheed Martin completes first flexible solar array for satellite

Latest technology - for the LM 2100 orbiter - delivers 50% more power but is 30% lighter than previous space-dedicated arrays.

27 Sep 17
Toyota tests Luminar lidar

Toyota Research Institute deploys high-fidelity lidar system from the US startup in its groundbreaking 'Guardian' and 'Chauffeur' vehicles.

27 Sep 17
Hybrid LED lamp drives 'smart' headlamps

Osram's Eviyos LED light source selectively "dips" to avoid dazzling approaching drivers.

26 Sep 17
Sintavia and Trumpf AM partnership targets aerospace sector

Strategic alignment between metal additive manufacturer Sintavia and Trumpf to gain machine qualifications for airplane parts.

21 Sep 17
Upgraded 30kW Lockheed Martin laser shoots down 3m drone

Concentrated laser beam takes down unmanned aerial vehicles "twice as quickly and decisively", says defense systems developer.

21 Sep 17
Upbeat ECOC 2017 expo reflects optical comms optimism

A plethora of papers, products and presentations detailed the rapid progress in fiber-based networks.

20 Sep 17
Source Photonics and Credo transmit single lambda 100G over 20km

Demo at ECOC 2017 promises lower cost 100G transmission and industry accelerating development of 400G links.

20 Sep 17
UK team shows off 'Dragonfire' laser weapon design

MBDA-led consortium aiming for field trials in 2019 and future deployment on Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers.

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