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08 Jan 19
Cubesats are potential guide stars for next-gen telescopes

MIT researchers develop mini satellites with lasers to act as reference light for investigation of exoplanets.

08 Jan 19
CES 2019: optics tech behind new TVs, headlamps and car connectivity

Samsung shows off OLED-like TV quality based on new modular micro-LED approach; SLD touts lasers for car headlamps.

02 Jan 19
US health authorities clear infrared analyzer for human breast milk

Food & Drug Administration (FDA) OK’s device measuring concentrations of fat, carbohydrate, and protein in human milk.

02 Jan 19
Laser diode system detects counterfeit olive oils

Researchers at UCM Madrid and Scintillon Institute (US) develop sensor to detect fake oil – such as ordinary types sold as "extra virgin".

20 Dec 18
Laser-pointer to help 'CubeSats' transmit data to Earth

MIT-designed platform offers precision that mini-satellites require to transmit precisely large data packets from orbit to earth.

19 Dec 18
Quantum cascade lasers to help optimize individual food plans

Swiss QCL maker Alpes Lasers heads up new European project that will generate personalized plans for improved nutrition in young diabetics and premature babies.

13 Dec 18
Osram to show technologies to improve quality of life at CES 2019

Firm to reach into strategic markets beyond illumination with “Photonics for a Smarter Life” innovations in Las Vegas.

12 Dec 18
OSIRIS-REx probe discovers water on asteroid

Sensors on NASA's newly-arrived spacecraft identify hydoxyl groups embedded in clays on Bennu.

06 Dec 18
OCT links blood vessels to melanoma type

Clinical study reveals how the shapes of blood vessels change with increasing depth of dangerous skin cancers.

04 Dec 18
Photonics kit ready for asteroid encounter

Lidar, spectroscopy, and near-infrared imaging equipment on board OSIRIS-REx craft just arrived at Bennu asteroid.

29 Nov 18
Optical clocks 'could detect gravitational waves'

Latest ytterbium-based timepieces from NIST team set new performance records; might be used to search for dark matter.

28 Nov 18
EOS and Etihad Airways expand 3D printing capabilities

After process verification, cabin interior parts will be manufactured by AM, which offers a "substantial value-add", says EOS.

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