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14 Feb 18
IR thermometry locates brain surgery margins

US researchers map brain activity according to thermal signature and blood oxygenation.

13 Feb 18
Optical processor aids DNA sequencing

UK startup Optalysys claims 90% reduction in energy requirements with radical optical computing approach.

06 Feb 18
Hanergy breaks record for GaAs solar conversion

Production modules achieve 25.1% efficiency; could power UAVs, electric cars and smart sensors.

06 Feb 18
Second Sight implants Orion prosthesis in first human patient

Use of company's Argus II implant is also growing, with clinical study of retinitis pigmentosa patients starting soon.

05 Feb 18
US Navy awards Lockheed Aculight $150M laser weapon contract

Deal could increase in value to nearly $1 billion if all options are taken up.

05 Feb 18
Fluorescence technique monitors astronaut health

Near-infrared lymphatic imaging aids study of microgravity-induced fluid shifts; could also help treat ageing disorders including Alzheimer’s.

29 Jan 18
OCE reveals tissue damage caused by heart attacks

University of Houston images biomechanical properties of heart tissue, as an aid to treatment and repair.

25 Jan 18
LGS Innovations develops modem for NASA satellite comms

Free space optics and fiber laser technology to enable end-to-end optical communications to and from satellite.

25 Jan 18
Exoplanet telescopes begin spectral search for habitable worlds

'ExTrA' telescopes at ESO site in La Silla collect light from target and four comparison stars and feed it into a multi-object spectrograph.

18 Jan 18
Skanska launches 'first' perovskite solar cell film on buildings

In partnership with Saule Technologies, this printable photovoltaic overlay generates power while helping to counter global warming.

16 Jan 18
Hyperspectral imaging detects tumor margins in real-time

HELICoiD project applies the technique to human brain cancer, with clinical studies intended to follow.

16 Jan 18
Volvo and NTU to trial autonomous electric buses in Singapore...

...and Osram demonstrates how infrared pulsed lasers are promoting adoption of autonomous vehicles and ADAS.

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