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LASER 2003: Friday

26 Jun 2003

A round-up of the new products on display in the exhibition halls.

•  PI introduced what it claims are the world’s smallest linear, motor-driven translation stages. The PIline stages offer a velocity up to 600 mm/s, 20 mm of travel and a resolution of 0.1 microns. The stages are available with either closed-loop or open-loop control and have a mean time to failure of 20 000 hours.

•  On booth C1 431, LTB Lasertechnik Berlin was showing-off a small mobile laser system for generating amplified femtosecond pulses. Providing pulses of less than 200 fs in duration and with an energy of about 3 µJ, the MFL nitrogen laser is said to suit cell dissection, microstructuring and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS).

•  Easy visualization of a light beam’s polarization is now possible with Meadowlark Optics’ new liquid crystal polarimeter. The LCP-3000 accurately measures the state of polarization of a light beam and displays the result on a computer. Two models offer calibrated polarization measurements over the wavelength range 450 – 1100 nm and 900 – 1700 nm.

•  A diode-pumped disc laser with an output of 1500W was on display at Rofin Sinar’s booth. The Yb:YAG laser has an electrical efficiency of approximately 20% and an M2 of 12. The German company says that two disc lasers maybe cascaded to double the output power without loss of beam quality.

•  A new laser system for cutting complex shapes in diamond materials was launched by Bettonville Industrial of the US. Target applications include processing of common industrial tools such as cutters, chisels, surgical knifes and heat sinks.

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