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20 Jun 24
SPIE Astro 2024: Thirty Meter Telescope Observatory awards contract to AMOS

To design and build the TMT Tertiary Mirror Support System and Positioner Assembly.

20 Jun 24
Oxford PV debuts commercial solar module with record 26.9% efficiency

Module measuring 1.6 m2, weighing 25 kg, is specified for residential applications.

19 Jun 24
FMCW lidar tapped for major automated train project in Germany

Aeva's sensor technology selected for federally funded initiative also featuring Siemens and Bosch.

19 Jun 24
Sysmex Astrego rapid testing system wins Longitude Prize on AMR

Assessing antimicrobial effect through phase-contrast imaging will help meet critical global need.

19 Jun 24
Trumpf laser process enables recycling of batteries on ‘industrial scale’

Used power sources, such as from e-vehicles, can be cut up safely and valuable raw materials saved.

19 Jun 24
SPIE Astro 2024: NASA releases first Hubble image taken in new ‘pointing’ mode

Operations were adjusted on June 14th after weeks of shutdown due to gyroscope problem.

18 Jun 24
SPIE Astro 2024: inclusive future with the Thirty Meter Telescope

Yuko Kakazu of the NAOJ and TIO discusses Japan’s contributions and approach toward community engagement in Hawai’i.

18 Jun 24
HHMI speeds up blur removal for clearer microscopy images

Phase diversity method has advantages over established adaptive optics for biological samples.

18 Jun 24
SPIE Astro 2024: integration of Plato’s cameras starts in Germany

Exoplanet-seeking mission to use 24 “normal” and two “fast” cameras to inspect stars and planets.

18 Jun 24
Yole trims automotive lidar expectations as prices drop

Analyst firm says shipments are ramping up but average selling prices are declining rapidly.

18 Jun 24
nLight and EOS join forces to optimize additive techniques

EOS production machines featuring nLight fiber lasers expected to appear later this year.

13 Jun 24
MINFLUX enhances super-resolution microscopy

EMBL project simplifies protocol for imaging of cells and tracking fluorophores.

UV Curing Adhesive Used in Electro-Optical Studies 07 Jun

Master Bond

Electro-optical (EO) polymers offer several advantages over inorganic materials in the fabrication of optical waveguide structures. Master Bond UV15 has been selected for use in the fabrication of polymer optical waveguides for a variety of applications. Read this case study to learn more about how UV15 helped the researchers achieve their goal.

Making Raman Measurements Reproducible 28 Mar

Wasatch Photonics

Raman OEM applications need consistent spectra to deliver dependable answers. A good-quality OEM spectrometer should, by design, exhibit low unit-to-unit variability from the start, and any remaining small differences should be corrected in order to achieve the most robust and repeatable analytical outcomes in the field. Learn how to achieve >99.5% unit-to-unit agreement using a series of simple corrections.

Imaging in Challenging Lighting Conditions — A Better Way 07 Sep 2023

Teledyne Lumenera

Choosing just the right camera for a particular application can be difficult. Common cameras specifications that are normally considered include resolution and frame rate. However, lighting is an external factor that is potentially even more important to consider. This document highlights how high conversion gain (HCG) and low conversion gain (LCG) camera capabilities can be beneficial in challenging lighting conditions, along with examples of imaging applications where these challenges commonly occur.

Improving Calibration Accuracy for High-End Spectroradiometers 06 Oct 2023


Admesy introduces a groundbreaking calibration concept that surpasses the limitations of conventional calibration light sources.

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