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08 Jun 23
Trumpf to show how AI can make manufacturing more efficient

Presentation at LASER 2023 will highlight benefits of artificial intelligence in manufacturing.

08 Jun 23
Revolutionizing optical control with topological edge states

Wuhan and Huazhong researchers harness the robustness of topological edge states to manipulate light transport in nanophotonics.

07 Jun 23
Novel 3D glass printing method works without sintering

Low-temperature process developed at KIT delivers a variety of high-resolution optics products.

07 Jun 23
Road safety enhanced by replacing hand gestures with holography

Fraunhofer IOF led project MaMeK; compact projection system can be integrated into any car.

07 Jun 23
Toshiba, Orange say quantum encryption compatible with existing data networks

Multiplexing approach allows quantum key distribution signals to co-exist with classical signals at distances up to 70 km.

07 Jun 23
Extra production capacity boosts G&H sales figures

London-listed maker of optical components and subsystems reports a 32% rise in six-monthly revenues.

07 Jun 23
Optical memristors set to make impact in computing and AI

University of Pittsburgh survey indicates how the technology can reach its full potential.

06 Jun 23
ESA releases new Mars mosaic revealing planet’s composition in greater detail

Publication marks 20 years since the launch of the successful Mars Express mission.

06 Jun 23
EPFL spin-off Nanolive develops microscope that inspects live cells

Company has just opened office in Boston, MA, US, with the aim of going public.

06 Jun 23
Restructured Rockley emerges from bankruptcy

Founder Andrew Rickman returns to CEO role following major workforce reduction.

05 Jun 23
New VCSEL offers simpler, cheaper OCT

Medical University of Vienna believes inexpensive source could allow OCT imaging at home.

02 Jun 23
Optical processor developer Lightmatter raises $154M to take products to market

Viking Global Investors, Google Ventures, and others join Lightmatter Series C — tripling firm’s valuation.

Advantages of sub 50 femtosecond pulses in multiphoton microscopy 09 Mar

HÜBNER Photonics

One of the main advantages of using ultrafast femtosecond fiber lasers is the high peak power that they offer, which is a result of their ultra-short pulse duration. This high peak power makes these lasers ideal for a wide range of applications, including multiphoton microscopy. In this white paper we show that sub 50 fs pulse durations provide unprecedented multiphoton conversion efficiencies with intense peak powers.

Unlike emCCD or sCMOS intensified cameras allow for photon detection down to 4ns. Photon Lines’ partner, Excelitas PCO explains this exciting part of their range 16 May

Photon Lines / PCO

pco.dicam – a family of nine MCP image intensified camera systems offering extremely short exposure/shutter times. The choice of the photocathodes allows selection of spectral behaviour for different applications. Download the white paper here.

Controlling CoaXPress Cameras from The BitFlow SDK Tools, Configuration File and APIs 24 May


The BitFlow SDK offers a number of different methods for programming CoaXPress cameras connected to BitFlow frame grabbers. The purpose of the this document is to explain how each method's components work together to provide camera control. There are a wide range of use-cases for this technology, so this document steps the reader through all the various workflows. Download the whitepaper here.

Choosing a Portable Raman Spectrometer 03 Mar

Wasatch Photonics

Portable Raman spectroscopy bridges the gap in performance, capability, and size between handheld and benchtop Raman. It enables new point-of-use applications in medicine & industry by providing high sensitivity and dependable answers in a compact, cost-effective footprint. But what should you look for when buying one? Learn the top 5 qualities.

2023 Technology Webinar Series

  • 12 – 14 Jun ~ Industrial Lasers & Materials Processing
  • 20 – 22 Sep ~ High speed imaging, CMOS sensor technology
  • 22 – 24 Nov ~ Photonics for life science applications

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