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21 May 24
KTH Sweden develops 3D printed silica glass micro-optics on fibers…

…and UK’s EPSRC awards £1.2 million grant to Aston’s Picometer Surface Nanoscale Axial Photonics project.

21 May 24
NASA astrophysics: Peering into the future

John O’Meara of W. M. Keck Observatory discusses astrophysics at NASA ahead of his presentation at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2024.

21 May 24
Semiconductor demand drives double-digit growth at Zeiss

Sales revenues up another 10%, despite what CEO called a challenging market environment.

21 May 24
Photoacoustic method monitors spinal muscular atrophy

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg technique yields more details than MRI, is more comfortable for pediatric patients.

20 May 24
Toronto research finds 21 new sources for organic solid-state lasers...

...while Toptica launches FemtoFiber ultra series for multi-photon microscopy, and lithography.

17 May 24
Photonics21 AGM: Light-based business beats global trends

Despite geopolitical challenges significantly affecting international trade.

17 May 24
IPG Photonics launches ‘cobot’ laser welding and cleaning system

Based on LightWELD fiber laser; targeting fabrication and manufacturing industries.

16 May 24
N Carolina State improves finishing of 3D-printed metal parts

Method based on integrated 3D printing, automated machining, and laser scanning.

15 May 24
Aston University develops lidar for crop monitoring

Funding from UK Royal Society will support improved polarimetric lidar platform.

15 May 24
Job cuts at Luminar as lidar firms look to conserve cash

Latest round of quarterly financial results highlight efforts to reduce cash burn and sensors hitting the road.

15 May 24
Optatec 2024: LZH showcases ‘coating technologies of the future’

…scia Systems presents solutions for coating and structuring based on ion beam and plasma techs.

14 May 24
Photonics division drives profits higher at Jenoptik

Strong sales growth in Europe but order intake slips on weaker demand across several markets.

Unlike emCCD or sCMOS intensified cameras allow for photon detection down to 4ns. Photon Lines’ partner, Excelitas PCO explains this exciting part of their range 16 May 2023

Photon Lines / PCO

pco.dicam – a family of nine MCP image intensified camera systems offering extremely short exposure/shutter times. The choice of the photocathodes allows selection of spectral behaviour for different applications. Download the white paper here.

Imaging in Challenging Lighting Conditions — A Better Way 07 Sep 2023

Teledyne Lumenera

Choosing just the right camera for a particular application can be difficult. Common cameras specifications that are normally considered include resolution and frame rate. However, lighting is an external factor that is potentially even more important to consider. This document highlights how high conversion gain (HCG) and low conversion gain (LCG) camera capabilities can be beneficial in challenging lighting conditions, along with examples of imaging applications where these challenges commonly occur.

Improving Calibration Accuracy for High-End Spectroradiometers 06 Oct 2023


Admesy introduces a groundbreaking calibration concept that surpasses the limitations of conventional calibration light sources.

Making Raman Measurements Reproducible 28 Mar

Wasatch Photonics

Raman OEM applications need consistent spectra to deliver dependable answers. A good-quality OEM spectrometer should, by design, exhibit low unit-to-unit variability from the start, and any remaining small differences should be corrected in order to achieve the most robust and repeatable analytical outcomes in the field. Learn how to achieve >99.5% unit-to-unit agreement using a series of simple corrections.

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