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05 Aug 22
QLM wins £12M Series-A funding and venture with Schlumberger for gas detection

Quantum technology camera quantifies methane emissions and flare efficiency.

04 Aug 22
US team 3D-prints ‘nanostructured, high-entropy’ alloys

Such ultrastrong and ductile high-performance materials have applications in aerospace, medical industries.

04 Aug 22
MIT adapts C19th photo technique to make stretchy, color-changing films

Technique opens route to pressure-monitoring bandages, shade-shifting fabrics, and touch-sensing robots.

03 Aug 22
Cognex outlook dimmed by fire at Indonesia contract manufacturer

Machine vision firm confirms $45M damage and supply disruption that will hurt future sales.

03 Aug 22
Trumpf charters deep-sea container ship to beat international delivery crisis

Forty-nine laser cutting machines were last week loaded in Hamburg – set for delivery in New York by mid-August.

03 Aug 22
PreciPoint lands €10M for digital pathology roll-out

German firm has developed a novel microscopy tool for use during cancer surgery.

03 Aug 22
King's College London fits photoacoustic probe into biopsy needle

High-resolution imaging from 20-gauge medical needle could reduce invasive surgery.

03 Aug 22
IPG steady as diversification brings stability

Sales inch up, with revenues from welding applications now exceeding high-power cutting in several regions.

02 Aug 22
Sick and Aeva Partner to bring 4D lidar to industrial sensing

Automation technology sensor firm chooses FMCW 4D LiDAR for “high performance sensing”.

02 Aug 22
Michelson Diagnostics OCT points to fewer invasive biopsies

Clinical trial diagnosing carcinomas suggests faster treatment and reduced patient discomfort.

02 Aug 22
UK researchers using photonics to cut pesticide use for crop protection

Sensor being developed at Aston and Harper-Adams universities optically analyzes plant VOC emissions.

28 Jul 22
LZH investigates components made of natural fibers

To enhance sustainability in 3D laser printing for architectural components and more.

A Better Way to Focus: Linear Motor Focusing Stage Provides Superior Alternative to Piezo Actuators 22 Mar

Dover Motion

This white paper addresses high performance Z axis focusing for automated microscopy, along with some recent innovations in this space. Historically, piezo driven actuators have been used for these applications, but a Piezo actuator has very distinct limitations. Direct drive linear motor stages provide many advantages when compared to piezo nanopositioners. This whitepaper discusses both approaches to Z focusing motion.

Solving PCR Optical Filter Challenges for High Performance qPCR Instruments 17 Mar

Iridian Spectral Technologies

qPCR instrument-related challenges can be daunting; burdened by tough deadlines and fast rollouts, budgets that offer little wiggle room, and expectations for flawless functionality. A combination of Iridian’s wavelength selective excitation, emission, and dichroic filters serving each channel of a qPCR instrument provide high sensitivity to these systems while preserving the necessary signal-to-noise ratio delivering “More Signal, with Less Background”

Interfacing the Vision Research S990 to the BitFlow Cyton-CXP frame grabber 04 Aug


This document explains how to interface the Vision Research S990, a high speed camera running 4K x 2k at 1000 FPS, to the Cyton-CXP4.

Polymeric Systems Bring Clarity to Optical Applications 24 May


Understand optical transmission, refractive indices, temperature and humidity testing, as well as the role of these measurements in choosing an effective adhesive for optical applications.

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