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Solutions for innovators

Whatever area you work in, we have a suitable laser for you. We strive to deliver the best lasers to enable you – the innovators of the World – to do your best.

Bioimaging and life science

Our SuperK high-intensity broadband light sources are ideal for bioimaging and life science applications that require a pulsed and diffraction-limited laser. The tunable lasers gives you high brightness anywhere within the wavelength range of 390 to 2400 nm.

It is – among other applications – ideal for OCTSTED microscopycellular research, and lifetime imaging. The SuperK lasers are easy to operate. They are robust, reliable, and maintenance-free so you can focus on your work.

Medical applications

Our ultrafast lasers are widely used for micro-machining of medical devices.

They deliver very precise results due to the high power and ultra-short pulses. They are ideal for nitinol stentsglass lab-on-a-chipUnique Device Identification of medical instruments, or ophthalmic applications.

Did you know that we have an industrial application lab at your service? 

Micromachining and displays

Our ultrafast lasers are suitable for precise micromachining and cutting of materials. Using an ultra-short pulsed femtosecond laser for micromachining eliminates post-processing steps and reduces the overall manufacturing cost. Due to the laser’s highly spatial selectivity, it lets you cut complex tiny 3D shapes – even in transparent materials.

Ultrafast lasers are ideal for IC package and thin-film cutting, glass cutting, wafer scribing, and FPD pixel repair to name a few applications.

Sorting and quality control

Our SuperK broadband high-intensity white light lasers are gaining increasing attention for highly demanding industrial applications such as semiconductor quality control, food sorting, general inspection, and optical characterization.

Their robust all-fiber design makes them reliable and maintenance-free with a low cost of ownership. The SuperK is very energy efficient and generates very little heat, which makes it easy to integrate into the product line.

Remote sensing

Whether you are designing your own remote sensing system or need a turn-key distributed sensing system, we can help.

The Koheras single-frequency lasers are ideal for remote sensing due to their ultra-low phase and intensity noise. They ensure a narrow linewidth, very high stability, and a mode-hop free inherently single-frequency output – even under harsh and changing environmental conditions.

Our LIOS Sensing product line offer turn-key distributed optical sensing for security, safety, and fire detection. Get continuous and accurate monitoring of temperature and strain over long distances – at the speed of light! Ideal for security and intrusion detectionstructural monitoringperimeter securitywind sensing, or other industrial sensing applications.

Atomic, molecular, and quantum optics

With a narrow linewidth, ultra-low phase noise, and low RIN, the Koheras single-frequency lasers are ideal for atomic, molecular, and quantum optics. Originally designed for industrial applications, the highly reliable lasers are based on an all-fiber distributed feedback architecture to ensure long lifetimes and maintenance-free operation.

The HARMONIK second-generation module enables you to perform atomic state preparation, atomic trapping, and sub-Hz clock transitions, as well as many other quantum phenomena.

Choose from a wide range of lasers and specialty fibers

Optical fibers are at the heart of everything we do. We utilize our unique PCF technology to embed as many functions as possible directly into the fibers to ensure that systems built with our fibers are simpler, cheaper, and more reliable. Our Crystal Fibre portfolio of specialty fibers spans from nonlinear fibers optimized for octave-spanning supercontinuum generation, over the World’s largest single mode ytterbium gain fibers for high power lasers and amplifiers, to advanced hollow core fibers guiding the light in air. We use our fibers in all our lasers.

We have lasers in space and deep under the oceans and our products run in both clean rooms and on oil rigs at sea. We seed the world’s largest laser fusion experiment and power hundreds of the most advanced microscopes on the Globe.

We aim to make a difference in the World and we are involved in projects that will transform the way we live through life-science, renewable energy and the basic understanding of the Universe. With over fifteen years of expertise, IP, and experience, NKT Photonics strives to continually be the market leader in everything we do.

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About NKT Photonics

NKT Photonics is the leading supplier of high-performance fiber lasers, fiber optic sensing systems, and photonic crystal fibers. Our main markets are within imaging, sensing and material processing. Our products include ultrafast laserssupercontinuum white light laserslow-noise fiber lasersdistributed temperature sensing systems, and a wide range of specialty fibers. NKT Photonics has its headquarters in Denmark with sales and service worldwide. NKT Photonics is wholly owned by NKT Holding A/S.

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