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Cleaning Up IPA Production with Stage-by-Stage MIR Analysis 04 Apr 2019

The Ocean MZ5 is both a research tool and a core technology for integration into fully customized solutions for applications such as fuel monitoring and detection of food adulterants.

High-performance, ultra-narrowband interference filters improve LIDAR signal-to-noise ratios 26 Mar 2019

The surge of uses has forced an influx of technological advancements and interest in LIDAR sensors, driving down the cost and making it more accessible.

Continuously Variable Filters for Spectroscopy, HSI, and Fluorescence Diagnostics 19 Jan 2019

This technical presentation will introduce you to advances in continuously variable filters, especially in the areas of transmission and blocking. You will learn about the properties and performance of variable filters, and how they are being used to increase the robustness and affordability of instruments and cameras in the areas of hyperspectral imaging, spectroscopy, and fluorescence diagnostics. The presentation will also cover the range of filters that are available, and how to select the filter that is best for your application.

Optimizing your OCT Spectrometer Design: The mysteries of roll-off explained 01 Nov 2018

Does building your own OCT spectrometer really result in the clearest image? Creating a high-performance spectrometer for SD-OCT imaging requires a deep understanding of both OCT theory and spectrometer design. In this tech note, we'll explain the most important aspects, then model premium off-the-shelf lenses vs custom-designed optics to see how performance compares. The difference in performance will surprise you…

pco.dicam C1: Intensified 16 bit sCMOS camera 27 Sep 2018

The first camera system with image intensifier technology that harnesses the full power of the sCMOS sensor

Thin-Film Interference Filters for LIDAR by Alluxa 26 Jul 2018

LIDAR is becoming more efficient, affordable, and accessible than ever. Recent technological advancements have seen dramatically increased accuracy and resolution, even in systems that are small enough to be discretely hidden within the side mirrors of self-driving cars. Thin-film interference filters have kept up with the technology through state-of-the-art design and coating techniques, advanced measurement systems, tight uniformity control, and minimal thermal dependence. For any LIDAR instrument, Alluxa’s high performance interference filters will maximize signal-to-noise ratio and system performance.

Avantes Application Note: Environmental Sciences 31 May 2018

Ecosystems around the world face growing threats from industrialization,growing populations, and increasing urbanization. Climate changes also wreak havoc on emerging economies and have health and social implications. Not surprisingly, researchers, scientists and governments are investigating tools for monitoring and preventing these environmental hazards.

Introducing a Novel Spectral Analysis System for Measuring High-Performance Thin-Film Optical Filters 01 Mar 2018

Alluxa has developed a custom spectral analysis system that is capable of accurately measuring the highest-performance optical filters, while still being robust enough for use in a high-volume manufacturing setting. The HELIX System is an essential tool for evaluating true optical filter performance, guaranteeing that Alluxa's filters will meet and exceed the demanding requirements of even the most advanced systems.

The Eyes Of The Instruments: Using Optical Filters To Observe And Measure Earth From A Different Perspective 07 Nov 2017

Optical filters provide single band and multi-spectral wavelength selectivity to these instruments, serving as “the eyes of the instruments”.

Choosing the Right Lens: When round must become square 26 Sep 2017

Putting effort into selecting the right lens, will allow you to leverage the full potential of your camera's image sensor and is also one of the first tools of data reduction and system simplification, key points to building any solution. There are 5 key factors to consider when selecting the best lens for your application. Discover these criteria in this new whitepaper.

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