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Extended SWIR (eSWIR) High Performance and High Definition Colloidal Quantum Dot Imagers 24 Jul 2020

CQD sensors exhibit sensitivity superior to traditional IR sensors employed in the 1600-2000nm band, enabling the first commercially available room temperature 2.1MP camera with sensitivity to 2.0 micron.

Unlocking the Unknowns of Industrial Sensing 25 Jun 2020

Ocean Insight offers robust, scalable sensing tools and deep application knowledge, design and manufacturing expertise to help customers unlock the unknowns of industrial applications.

Polymeric Systems Bring Clarity to Optical Applications 01 Jun 2020

Understand optical transmission, refractive indices, temperature and humidity testing, as well as the role of these measurements in choosing an effective adhesive for optical applications.


An active long-range FTIR spectroscopy system can acquire high-resolution gas absorption spectra such as hydrocarbon emissions.

Advantages of VPH Transmission Gratings: It’s not just about the photons 12 May 2020

Transmission gratings offer greater efficiency and design flexibility than ruled reflection gratings. This tech note explores the unique benefits of volume phase holographic (VPH) gratings, and how Wasatch Photonics maximizes each – from superior optical performance and design options to robustness and consistency.

Understand the Basics of Fluorescence Microscopy 30 Apr 2020

Fluorescence microscopes are an important tool in the study of organic and inorganic matter. Understand the key role that optical filters play in these systems.

Using Lighting To Optimize Camera Performance 27 Feb 2020

To properly capture all the details required within an image, vision systems need proper lighting equipment. To learn more, read the following whitepaper.

Enabling Display Measurement within Augmented & Virtual Reality Headsets 18 Feb 2020

Learn how test and measurement equipment that replicates human vision provides the most accurate evaluation of the visual quality of AR, VR, and MR displays.

Multi-line lasers simplify biomedical imaging 14 Nov 2019

Multi-line lasers provide a compact, easy-to-use, and service-free solution for integrating up to 4 laser wavelengths with reliable performance into fluorescence instrumentation. Learn how in this white paper.


There is a common myth that larger pixel size image sensors are always more sensitive than smaller pixel size image sensors.

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