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The unique broadband spectrum of the venteon power for Differential Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (D-CARS). 11 Apr 2016

CARS microscopy is a well-known 3rd order nonlinear process which provides both chemical specificity and 3D spatial resolution without the need to label the living cells2

Resolution Requirements in Electronic Imaging 01 Mar 2016

Archer OpTx’s design and manufacturing teams work closely with customers that contact Archer OpTx when their applications demand better or more specialized performance than currently available optics. The target for Archer OpTx is to get you the optimum solution for your imaging requirement that is drop-in ready for your system. This technical note is intended to provide guidelines for determining the resolution requirements for electronic imaging systems. The emphasis will be on: a) the correct goals for each application, and b) taking the total system (imaging chain) into account.

NIR spectroscopy system aids in the diagnosis of neonatal brain injury 07 Jan 2016

Over the past several years, biomedical researchers and engineers working in labs, hospitals, and universities around the world have developed an extensive set of spectroscopy based methods

Raman Spectroscopy of pigmented human tissue in the SWIR 24 Nov 2015

Early diagnosis of melanoma skin cancer is lifesaving. Medical researchers have developed a Raman spectroscopy instrument based on the Cougar-640 to develop a cutting-edge method to accelerate the diagnosis of melanoma.

Admesy presents LED measurement: radiant power measurement 07 Oct 2015

Admesy, supplier of advanced measurement systems, clarifies the procedure for accurate measurements of LED and SSL (Solid State Lighting) products by means of an integrating sphere.

PCO presents an unprecedented luminescence lifetime imaging camera: the pco.flim 16 Sep 2015

Detailed information about fluorescence lifetime imaging using the pco.flim camera can be found in our new white paper

Spark Spectral Sensor Offers Advantages 25 Aug 2015

Spark is a small spectral sensor from Ocean Optics that bridges the spectral measurement gap between filter-based devices such as RGB color sensors and CCD-array instruments such as miniature spectrometers.

Actuator Precision Characterization 23 Jul 2015

This article discusses the positioning mechanisms and limitations of Zaber’s motion control devices, including inaccuracies that may arise during operation and strategies that can be used to minimize those effects. These techniques can help you apply the use of lower cost and simpler devices to a wider range of uses.


The Route des Lasers cluster will bring together emerging technology firms exhibiting their latest innovations at Munich Laser World of Photonics, on booth B3.261. The innovations will span a range of light-based technologies and systems: industrial and R&D lasers, wavefront sensors, VECSEL, electronics cards for fiber lasers, deformable mirrors, nanometric stage.

Controlling Thermal Expansion - Strategies For Maximising The Repeatability Of Your Linear Stage 22 May 2015

This white paper explores the effects of thermal expansion on the repeatability of linear positioning devices.

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