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Photonics21 launches #next_photonics prototype-your-idea contest for 2019

25 Oct 2018

Researchers and students can once again propose their novel photonics systems for development into commercial products.

European technology platform Photonics21 is inviting researchers, masters and PhD students, and photonics systems developers to participate in the next edition of the #next_photonics Prototype Your Idea contest.

On its website the organization says: “Any person active in the field of optics and photonics, may apply for the #next_photonics. Prototype Your Idea Contest for 2019.” Photonics21 established this dedicated Innovation Challenge last year “to push for more entrepreneurship in photonics”.

Applicants are invited to read the rules for the Photonics21 on the "#next_photonics. Prototype Your Idea Contest" webpage.

Conditions for eligibility of a given idea or emerging development, described more fully on the photonics21 website, are as follow:

  • The product is not on the market yet
  • The idea has potential for application in industry
  • The idea is innovative
  • The idea is presented in English
  • Submissions may be entered by individuals or teams

Applicants must submit a short (less than 5 minute) video that demonstrates the uniqueness of the idea and the added value it offers to integrators or end-users. P21 comments, “Be creative and keep your message clear. Do not hesitate to use visuals or simulation to present your idea, prototype or product.” Materials must be received by the Photonics21 Secretariat by the closing date of 15th February 2019.

Photonics cPPP Progress Monitoring Report 2017 published

Photonics21 has published a report, which analyses the main activities and achievements of the Photonics PPP during 2017 including the implementation of the photonics call for proposals evaluated in 2017, the mobilisation of stakeholders, outreach and success stories as well as the governance of the Photonics PPP.

The report’s contents include the following elements:

  • 17 new Horizon 2020 projects started with a total budget of €96,387,748.75 – demonstrating a strong industrial commitment and driven by end-user needs.
  • A community based Strategic Vision Document was prepared: "Europe's age of light! How photonics will power growth and innovation" outlining 8 bold missions on how photonics will drive Europe´s long term future competitiveness was prepared.
  • A "European Photonics Venture Forum" (EPVF) was successfully conducted in Dublin, bringing together more than 30 high tech investors and >30 photonics start-ups to responded to the so far unmet capital demand of innovative young photonics companies.

The report further monitors the overall progress of the Photonics PPP since its launch.

Workshop on 29 October

Photonics 21 has also announced that next week’s workshop Photonics 4 Industrial Production will focus on laser technologies for manufacturing; photonics systems for industrial production and quality control; and photonics in the Factory of the Future.

For any further information and registration you can view the program at the event website. The workshop will be conducted as part of Indtech 2018. Both the workshop and the conference will be free of charge.

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