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Photonics21 announces 2018 BoS election

01 Oct 2018

Process for choosing up to 39 new association Board members will run from October 22 through November 5.

European photonics industry association Photonics21 has announced that the application process for its Board Of Stakeholders (BoS) election 2018 has now closed and that the voting process will commence on 22nd October.

Photonics21 stated that the 2018 election take place during the fourth quarter of 2018: “Interested parties will find all details about the voting process, the time schedule, the candidate templates and legal documents at the election portal.”

The association’s Board of Stakeholders consists of a maximum of 100 members. This year there is an unusually large number of seats – a total of 39 – available for new candidates on the Board. This is due to the fact that so far this year nine people stepped down from the BoS, and a further 18 BoS members reached the end of their election period of 4 years; and the Board’s transitional rules of rotation.

The Photonics21 Executive Board has decided on the election process and timetable and scheduled the election on the 5th November 2018 which is the final day of the 14-days online voting period, set to start on October 22nd.

Points for electors to note

  • The Photonics21 Terms of Reference further describe the voting process for the election of the new Board of Stakeholder members (affiliations) and their Board of Stakeholder representatives.
  • According to the Terms of References § 5 (6) c) each Photonics21 member has one vote: it being understood, however, that only one vote per each affiliation can be cast, regardless of how many Photonics21 members the affiliation employs.
  • The Photonics21 Board of Stakeholders is the main decision making body of the platform and can have up to 100 members. Currently 39 positions are open for election in 2018.
  • The following diagram shows the timeline and various procedures associated with the BoS Election:
Timeline: Election process for choosing the new Photonics21 Board Of Stakeholders.

Timeline: Election process for choosing the new Photonics21 Board Of Stakeholders.

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