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07 Mar 23
Raman spectroscopy and bioprinting offer faster identification of bacteria

Stanford University develops AI-assisted approach for analysis of blood and waste water.

01 Mar 23
Fraunhofer ILT lidar studies climate at 100 km altitude

Platform employing alexandrite lasers could form part of planned European lidar array.

01 Mar 23
AI detection package boosts embedded thermal automotive perception

Flir’s latest Prism AI iteration validated on 2.3 million multi-spectrum annotations, to improve perception.

27 Feb 23
Northrop Grumman contracted to make US Marines’ new targeting system

“NGHTS” will feature three sensor types: color day imager, low-light imager, plus thermal imager for total darkness operations.

23 Feb 23
Purdue innovates LED strategies to raise vertical farming productivity

Close-canopy and focused-lighting methods “capitalize on LEDs’ special properties” for horticulture.

21 Feb 23
LZH-led group develops laser-based solution to biofouling of ship hulls

German-funded project FoulLas is “green and efficient” at cleaning maritime surfaces by underwater laser.

20 Feb 23
Novel LED lighting ‘enables extra harvest per year’ at US horticulture facility

ams Osram and Revolution Microelectronics partner on illumination system at GreenCare Collective’s farm in Milbury, Mass.

15 Feb 23
Osaka University Raman method offers faster tissue imaging

Multiline illumination detects tissue areas in parallel, could expand biomedical applications.

09 Feb 23
Photonics West 2023: something blue, something new

optics.org highlights a selection of new announcements from last week’s Photonics West and BiOS exhibitions.

24 Jan 23
‘Lithium niobate is back’ for photonics and other roles due to manufacturing advances

Australia-based scientists report on its electro-optical potential for space navigation, farming and more.

24 Jan 23
Laser-cooled atoms to provide quantum gravimeter for satellites

European project featuring Airbus to develop atom interferometer capable of monitoring changes in sea levels.

18 Jan 23
UK National Grid selects Exfo for fiber-optic monitoring project…

…and Israel Electric and Prisma Photonics sign deal to monitor over 1,000 km of Israel's power network.

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