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AMS expands custom options with neoLASE deal

16 Jan 2024

Acquisition of Laser Zentrum Hannover spin-out adds to diode-pumped solid-state laser portfolio.

The laser and optical component maker AMS Technologies has agreed a deal to buy fellow German company neoLASE, adding to its portfolio of customized laser products.

Headquartered in Hannover, neoLASE was originally formed as a spin-out from the nearby Laser Zentrum Hannover applications development center, and aside from custom solutions it offers short-pulse laser systems for industrial applications, as well as laser amplifiers.

Jan Meise, the CEO of Martinsried-based AMS, said in a release announcing the deal: “At AMS Technologies, we are more than just laser providers; we are 'photon jugglers' dedicated to crafting precision solutions tailored to each customer's specific needs.

"Whenever your laser runs out of steam, neoLASE holds a high degree of qualification and competence to enhance it. The modular concept of amplifier kits allows accomplishing a variety of different laser parameters and therefore addressing a lot of different industrial, medical and scientific applications.”

AMS added that the acquisition would significantly expand its own capabilities, allowing it to tailor high-power laser systems that are not available on the market.

“The laser systems are meticulously built to exact customer specifications, offering selectable pulse duration, repetition rate and output power while ensuring excellent beam quality,” stated the firm.

Gravity waves to sea-bed exploration
Since emerging from LZH back in 20027, neoLASE has been involved in a wide variety of laser applications, including a project to develop high-precision sources for laser interferometers used in gravitational wave detection.

Other efforts have included a consortium working on an innovative diode laser system for automotive welding, and a laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) system used to search the sea-bed for minerals.

Another recent technical development is a novel, high-energy version of the company’s “neoMOS” picosecond laser series that delivers a peak power in excess of 1 GW.

The customized master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) laser is said to deliver a pulse energy of more than 5 mJ with a pulse duration of less than 5 ps and a repetition rate of 10 kHz.

Maik Frede, the founder and managing director at neoLASE, said of the AMS deal: “Our mission is to extend beyond just providing products.

“We aim to develop lasting partnerships and establish ourselves as the primary source for specialized, customizable photonic solutions from a dedicated, singular provider.”

• neoLASE will be one of more than 1300 companies exhibiting at the forthcoming Photonics West 2024 event in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Visit them at booth #1941.

neoLASE corporate video:

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