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Pocket-sized laser projector launched on Kickstarter

03 Apr 2019

With standalone and Raspberry Pi versions, the Nebra Anybeam will ‘revolutionize’ sector, says developer.

A new pocket-sized laser projector technology called Nebra AnyBeam has been launched on the Kickstarter crowd funding investment website.

It is said to be the world's smallest pocket cinema projector and to offer the power to project a crystal clear picture on to a surface. Powered by an ordinary power bank, a user can plug-and-play with various sources, such as smart phone, laptop or tablet.

Measuring just 19 x 60 x 103mm, the 140g projector will fit in a pocket. Despite not being much bigger than a smart phone itself, this mini-projecter is fitted with a laser module with the power to project screens up to 4m across inches and beyond, says its developer, London, UK-based Nebra Ltd.


Nebra CEO Aaron Shaw commented, “This technology really has the power to revolutionise the projector industry. Projectors used to be bulky, noisy and expensive - but the laser module in Nebra AnyBeam is tiny, efficient and affordable.

"While AnyBeam may be small, the picture isn't. These projectors can create a perfectly sharp image up to 4m across, and beyond, with no need to focus. All you have to do is find a surface big enough. The laser source means a lower cost, greater power efficiency and better quality projections than Digital Light Processing alternatives.”

Development plan

Nebra’s stated development plan is ultimately for there to be four products in its AnyBeam projector range:

  • Nebra AnyBeam £229 (early bird £219), a standalone device to be attached to a smart phone, Fire stick, Chromecast for streaming
  • Nebra AnyBeam Developers Kit £199 (early bird £189)
  • Nebra AnyBeam HAT £199 (early bird £189), in which the projector board goes on a Raspberry Pi
  • Nebra Monster Ball £279 (early bird £249), which includes the AnyBeam HAT & Raspberry Pi Zero

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