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Seminex launches laser engine production line

08 Apr 2019

US firm manufactures high power infrared diode lasers for military, medical, cosmetic, and dental applications.

SemiNex, headquartered in Peabody, MA, U.S., manufactures high power infrared diode lasers for military, medical, cosmetic, and dental applications. These diode lasers are produced from indium phosphide semiconductor starting materials.

The lasers utilize a particular application of quantum physics which, the company says, “provides superior performance in thermal and electrical efficiency, as well as in total optical power.”

Over the past few years, SemiNex engineers have optimized trial production processes to lower cost, improve performance and increase capacity of its devices. Now with production in full swing, SemiNex says it will continue to monitor and improve key performance metrics such as cycle time, on-time delivery, yield, and throughput.

"These steps will be crucial to successfully transfer the process over to contract manufacturing – a technique that SemiNex typically uses to stay lean," said mechanical engineer and project lead, Matt Hamerstrom. “Our new production line uses custom fixtures to automate critical steps and requires minimal input from a technician."

He continued, “We have reduced assembly time 10 fold from the old design, and we have been able to halve the cost while maintaining optimal performance.” SemiNex's Multi-Chip Module family of lasers offers high power in a bundled fiber output. Laser modules are provided across the InP spectrum of 12xx to 19xx nanometers with numerous power and fiber options. Lower power and lower price versions are available in different configurations.

Home laser treatments

While there has been considerable interest in home laser treatments, the company states, few manufacturers so far have been able to produce laser devices at a price and safety standard appealing to consumers: “Every component of SemiNex’s new production line, from the custom fixtures to the software on the final test station, has been engineered to meet these requirements for the consumer beauty market.”

Kayla Govoni, spokesperson for Nira Skincare, also based in Peabody, Ma, a manufacturer of handheld home skincare laser devices, commented, “It’s been invaluable to have the insider knowledge and experience SemiNex brings to the production process. We are expecting 2019 to be the year we really start seeing lasers for aesthetic use inside people’s homes.”

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