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04 Mar 13
Zygo wins Virgo upgrade order

High-precision optics to feature in upgrade to “Virgo” project designed to test Einstein’s theory of gravitational waves.

27 Feb 13
Gas sensor based on mid-infrared MEMS design

Spectroscopy system specifically designed for measuring hydrocarbon gases.

22 Feb 13
Photonics hardware selected for Jupiter mission

European Space Agency “JUICE” mission will analyse moons of the giant planet in a series of fly-bys in twenty years’ time.

20 Feb 13
Retinal implant enables 'blind' to see smiling faces

But problems with the vision chip’s hermetic seal means some patients have had their implant removed.

20 Feb 13
Optics-controlled surgery can improve precision

Tools integrated with LED feedback system tell doctors when they have safely completed procedures.

18 Feb 13
Element Six ready for EUV diamond ramp

Firm anticipates sharp upturn in demand as extreme ultraviolet lithography nears commercial introduction.

14 Feb 13
Gooch & Housego delivers Pockels Cells to AWE

Contract win for G&H at UK’s nuclear weapons agency; firm to give update on MINERVA project.

13 Feb 13
3D printing ‘resurrects’ Richard III

Loughborough University technology reconstructs exhumed king’s skull

12 Feb 13
How to laser-print a spaceship...inside a minute

3D laser nanoprinting is now 100 times faster, thanks to high-precision galvanometers in the latest Nanoscribe machine.

12 Feb 13
Corning plugs into optical cables

Ultra-high-speed optical links for consumer devices will be available by the end of Q1 2013.

12 Feb 13
Supercontinuum sources make their presence felt

Market for the ultra-broadband sources and related technology estimated at $50 million, with microscopy a key application.

30 Jan 13
Laser test reveals surprise microbial content of drinking water

Flow cytometry reveals unexpected high levels of bugs in tap water.

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