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19 Oct 10
Raman shows cancer-screening credentials

An Irish research team demonstrates the ability of the optical technique to distinguish between normal and abnormal cervical biopsies, potentially improving survival rates.

04 Oct 10
LZH spin-off makes nanoparticles with lasers

"Particular" targets industrial and medical applications of metallic nanoparticles produced with a Trumpf laser.

01 Oct 10
Maritime Laser ready for at-sea tests

Northrop Grumman, lead contractor on the Maritime Laser Demonstrator project, says that the high-power solid-state system destroyed targets across the Potomac River.

30 Sep 10
DoD contracts: Cobra 'copter gets optics upgrade

Major funding for night vision devices, electro-optic sensors and IR countermeasures in the latest raft of US defense contracts.

29 Sep 10
FDA approves fat-busting laser... and more

US regulator also clears thulium laser aimed at treating a pre-cancerous skin condition.

29 Sep 10
Hyperspectral touted for pipeline inspection

Following the recent San Bruno disaster, caused by a leaking gas pipeline, Mundus Group suggests equipping UAVs with hyperspectral imagers and laser technology.

28 Sep 10
Implanted telescope restores sight to blind

Remarkable optical system that treats central vision blindness caused by end-stage macular degeneration recently received FDA approval.

24 Sep 10
ABB interferometer to seek Martian life signs

Analytical equipment subsidiary of global giant chosen for mission to Mars also launches Fourier transform hyperspectral tool for defense applications.

15 Sep 10
Optical biopsy cuts cost of cancer screening

New study shows that laser-induced fluorescence technique can reduce the cost of screening for colorectal cancer.

14 Sep 10
Raman tool shows prostate cancer spread

Combination of Raman spectroscopy and digital imaging identified patients who went on to develop metastatic form of prostate cancer.

10 Sep 10
Implantable lenses to replace reading glasses?

ReVision Optics applies to expand a clinical trial of tiny implants that treat presbyopia, the age-related loss of near vision.

07 Sep 10
Public still wary of LASIK vision correction

Millions now undergo refractive laser eye surgery each year, but more than 80 percent of people still have reservations about the procedure.

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