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E Ink, Toppan, Philips demonstrate active-matrix color display

05 Jul 2002

E Ink of Cambridge, Massachusetts, US, has announced the demonstration of the world's first high-resolution, active-matrix color display developed with electronic ink. A prototype was first shown at the Society for Information Display exhibition in Boston in May.

The display was developed by integrating E Ink's technology with a color filter array produced by Toppan of Japan and an active-matrix backplane from Philips.

The device is capable of displaying 4096 colors and is being developed for multiple mobile applications, such as PDAs, mobile phones and electronic readers. The display measures 5 inches on the diagonal with a resolution of 320 x 234 (80 pixels per inch). Standard manufacturing technologies are used to produce the components, including the TFT backplanes, IC drivers and color filter arrays.

The displays are targeted for commercialization in 2004. Philips plans first to introduce monochrome devices (ranging from black-and-white to 4-bit grey scale initially) for hand-held devices and portable consumer electronics next year.

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