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28 May 2010

Featuring news from Ophir-Spiricon, Ocean Optics, Cymer, Toptica, Microvision and CVI Melles Griot.

• Ophir-Spiricon has acquired Photon Inc, a developer of precision laser beam profiling equipment. Ophir-Spiricon now provides a comprehensive portfolio of beam profiling equipment and software, including Photon's NanoScan scanning-slit technology. "I am delighted that we have been able to bring together two highly innovative businesses," stated Moty Gelbman, general manager of the Laser Measurement Group at Ophir. "Photon Inc and its products are a perfect complement to Ophir-Spiricon's beam profiling business. Photon's scanning-slit technology combines accuracy and ease of use for a wide range of applications, including real time operations."

• Ocean Optics has acquired Sandhouse Design, LLC. Sandhouse offers a line of high-powered LED light sources for research and spectroscopic applications. Examples include fibre-coupled LED light sources, multi-channel sources, deep-UV LEDs and cooled infrared light sources. To date, these products have been widely used in biotechnology, process control and industrial applications. All of these products will now be added to Ocean Optics' existing portfolio.

• Cymer, a specialist supplier of excimer light sources, has opened an office in Silicon Valley, located in Santa Clara, California. "Our new multi-functional Silicon Valley office is a strategic addition to Cymer's global operation, allowing us to continue to fuel our growth and tap into the area's rich talent base, while further strengthening our access to local semiconductor leaders and other technology partners," said Ed Brown, president and chief operating officer of Cymer. "We value the area's dedication to the high technology marketplace and multitude of resources." Cymer Silicon Valley is located at 3295 Scott Boulevard, Santa Clara, California.

• TOPTICA Photonics has signed a licensing agreement with T-Ray Science Inc. The agreement covers a fundamental patent on the use of terahertz photomixers. Photomixers are core components of continuous wave terahertz technologies as they convert near-infrared laser light into terahertz radiation. T-Ray's patent covers a coherent detection scheme, with one photomixer serving as terahertz transmitter and the second as receiver. This enables highly sensitive measurements, such as trace gas detection.

• Microvision Inc, a leading developer of ultra-miniature projection display products, has demonstrated a 720p HD-ready laser picoprojector at the Society For Information Display's annual conference, which was held between 25 and 27 May at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington, US. The 720p prototype picoprojector outputs 15 lumens of brightness while maintaining a compact, low-profile form factor, similar to Microvision's current WVGA product. The company plans a commercial product version of a 720p HD PicoP display engine in the second half of 2011.

• Chris Bridle is now the managing director of CVI Melles Griot's Leicester, UK facility. This facility specializes in critical infrared optical components for advanced thermal imaging, electro-optic systems, and high durability optics and coatings for severe environments of defence and industrial applications. Bridle began his career at CVI Melles Griot as the coating manager of CVI Melles Griot's Isle of Man facility before becoming the European sales manager in 2003, and finally moving to the Leicester branch in 2008 as operations manager.

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